Helldivers 2 players finally found a quirk they don’t want Arrowhead to remove – life-saving mid-air salutes and hugs


You won’t believe this, but there’s one bug in Helldivers 2 that players don’t plan on spending hours asking Arrowhead to fix, as they have done so often over the past few months. How is this one different? Well, it’s actually amusing.

Yes, unlike the spear issues, the Superior Packing Methodology not working as it should, and the various performance issues people have reported, this little oddity goes unpunished. I suppose it will if you give people something to meme about that isn’t just the fact that they don’t want some anti-tank mines they feared Arrowhead would sneakily give them.

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Although it has been known for at least a few months that helldivers who are shot into the air, can express emotions in the air – saluting or offering a hug when they should be ragdolling, players have recently discovered this to be a pretty reliable method of reducing damage from falls.

After a video of someone testing this ability multiple times by jumping off lofty objects went viral, the game’s subreddit started doing it this way — which is understandable, since watching your character’s body suddenly go into a stiff salute or T-position as it hurtles toward the ground is pretty hilarious.

If you are wondering how it works, current theory it seems plain. If you do a ragdoll, the body of the diver falls to the ground and you are more likely to sustain a head injury, whereas if you are unyielding, you are more likely to land in a less fatal way on another part of your body. There is probably more going on under the hood, but that is the gist of what people observe.

While this all sounds well and good, the surge in interest in this strategy has some people feeling paranoid. Suddenly, they are worried that Arrowhead might find out about it and fix the bug, since it protects the diver from the damage he should be receiving from the galaxy’s greatest enemy – gravity.

There are people calling on the developer to do the opposite and not just leave this oddity in, but go a step further and make it canonical. “The Helldivers of Super Earth have shown themselves to be so dedicated to their cause that they rely on the strength of the Managed Democracy to keep them in the fight,” is one player’s suggestion of what this confirmation might look like: “Our heroic warriors have been observed repeatedly surviving otherwise fatal falls simply through a show of unwavering patriotism.”

Are you hoping Arrowhead makes this amusing little bug a part of Helldivers 2’s often hilarious story? Let us know below, and stay tuned for updates on what’s happening in Galactic War – there’s not much time left for the MO that could land Super Earth on a “powerful interplanetary battle station”!

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