Heir of Light: The Eclipse White Paper


Heir of Light: Eclipse

This whitepaper describes the process and strategy for integrating the XPLA chain into Heir of Light: Eclipse.
XPLA, a major gaming specialty network, aims to seamlessly integrate with Heir of Light: Eclipse to provide players with an enriched gaming experience and ownership in a P2O world for developers and publishers.
This document serves as a comprehensive guide for developers and stakeholders involved in this integration.

Heir of Light: Eclipse is a mobile fantasy RPG collection set in a world where featherlight and darkness are in endless conflict.
With the blessing of the goddess Ludmilla, players embark on an incredible journey alongside a charming, mysterious character named Nua.
The game is available worldwide via the App Store and Google Play and supports 8 in-game languages.

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XPLA Chain is a revolutionary game enhancement solution designed to bring additional features, content and ownership opportunities to popular online games.
This document discusses the integration of the XPLA chain with Heir of Light: Eclipse, a very popular multiplayer game.

Heir of Light: Eclipse presents a narrative of the conflict between featherlight and darkness in a world devastated by war.
The world is divided in half when two Heirs make conflicting wishes: one desires the past and the other longs for the future.
The first expedition is created to prevent the mutual destruction of both worlds, and the main plot begins with players choosing members of the first expedition.

[Major Content]

Chapter Stories
Players can explore the main story by taking part in stage battles in a 5v5 format.
Each chapter offers a unique narrative that helps players understand the overarching plot and the world it inhabits.

Expedition record
In this mode, players can unlock a variety of works of art after completing their respective side stories. Each side story offers a unique scenario, as well as special equipment items once the mode is completed.

It is a progressive game mode in which players fight enemies on each floor. As they climb the mountain, they may encounter more arduous enemies.
Repositioning Servants is a good countermeasure against tough enemies.

Damaged waterway
The main goal of this mode is to prevent corruption in the forest by quickly cleaning up waterways contaminated by Kindred.
Players can choose the difficulty level depending on their team’s progress.
The higher the difficulty, the more loot they can earn by improving their teams.

[Competitive Content]

Participants compete for rankings and win prizes depending on their place.
There are several PvP modes: PvP, Advanced PvP, Infinite PvP and Dimension PvP. The amount of rewards varies depending on the player’s ranking.

Dimensional Rift
In this mode, players can fight up-to-date bosses every two days. Bosses become stronger depending on the amount of HP lost during battle.
Players can compete for rankings based on the highest damage dealt during the season.

The classes in Heir of Light: Eclipse are Tank, Warrior, Ranger, Mage and Support.
Each class serves a specific purpose, so creating a team of five that works best together is a key factor in winning battles.
Playstyles vary drastically between Servants, so some Servants prefer to play alone and quickly jump into enemy formations to destroy their formation, while others prefer to stay back and maintain the formation.
The different tactics used by each Servant make collecting each one even more captivating.

XPLA Platform Overview
The XPLA platform is a modular platform that improves existing games by adding up-to-date features. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with popular gaming engines and platforms. It provides a variety of modules including in-game purchases and subscription management.

Benefits of integration
XPLA integration Platform in Heir of Light: Eclipse offers a wide range of benefits to developers, publishers and gamers.

Developers can generate revenue by selling offers within the app.

Community development
The integration could attract up-to-date players to Heir of Light: Eclipse, expanding the player base.

Platform compatibility
The XPLA platform supports a wide range of gaming platforms, including mobile devices, PCs and consoles.
Technical teams from the XPLA platform and Heir of Light: Eclipse will work together to ensure compatibility.

API integration
A dedicated API integration team will work together to establish a secure communication channel between the XPLA Platform and the Heir of Light: Eclipse game server.
API integration enables data conversion for player profiles, in-game purchases and other features.

Safety considerations
Safety is of the utmost importance. Robust encryption and authentication mechanisms will be implemented to protect user data and prevent fraud.
Regular inspections and safety tests will also be carried out to ensure the safety of the platform.

Hassle-free in-game transactions
Players can earn Fagin coins in the game.
These unique coins can be exchanged for JAM on XPLA GAMES via the XPLA wallet system, and JAM can be redeemed on the XPLA blockchain ecosystem.

The XPLA wallet supports microtransactions that allow you to make smaller, progressive purchases.

Secure digital wallet
Thanks to XPLA encryption, Wallet protects player data and financial transactions, ensuring the highest level of security.

Cross-platform compatibility
This allows players to access their XPLA wallet across devices and platforms while maintaining a consistent gameplay experience.

User-friendly interface
Intuitive design
The entire interface of XPLA Wallet is user-friendly. Players with different levels of skill and knowledge can easily manage their resources.

In-game purchase offer or NFT
Players can earn membership points by purchasing a Fagin membership offer in-game or by completing missions that include the purchase of a Fagin membership NFT. These points are then used to create various exchange vouchers which unlock exchange centers.

Exchange centers provide items ranging from in-game currencies to Fagin coins.
Fagin coins can be converted to JAM using the XPLA GAMES wallet.

JAM and Fagin Coin Flow
In-game purchases to earn membership points will generate income for the provider.
Through our ‘buy back’ system, accumulated income will be used to buy back JAM and credited to our reserve pool which will then be used in our conversion pool.

The conversion pool is where players exchange Fagin coins for JAM and vice versa.
Therefore, the essence of the reserve pool and conversion pool is to maintain the stability of the Token ecosystem by enabling a constant conversion rate (Fagin Coin: JAM).

To stabilize this ratio, all income generated from in-game purchases will be used to redeem JAM, allowing players to seamlessly convert between JAM and Fagin Coins.

[How to Convert Between JAM and Fagin Coin]
※ Numbers can be adjusted to maintain a robust token economy.

  1. JAM → Fagin’s Coin
    ① You can convert JAM to Fagin coin.
    ② Daily conversion limit: 2500 JAM
    ③ Minimum conversion requirements: 500 JAM
  2. Fagin’s coin → JAM
    ① You can convert Fagin Coin to JAM.
    ② Daily conversion limit: 50,000 Fagin coins
    ③ Minimum conversion requirement: 10,000 Fagin coins.

※ Important notes
– When converting Fagin Coins to JAM in XPLA GAMES, conversion on other servers will be confined this month.
(Conversion available on one server per month.)
– The server number eligible for conversion will be reset at the beginning of each month.
– Example: If a conversion from Fagin Coins to JAM is performed on server #1 on a game account on January 2, the conversion on any server other than server #1 will be unavailable for the remainder of January.

※ Please note that the information in this guide is subject to change in order to maintain the game ecosystem or a sustainable token economy.


We have decided to adopt the JAM token (CW20) as the in-game utility token.
Heir of Light: Eclipse will become the first game to operate the JAM token.
This token can be exchanged for Fagin Coins, which can be earned in-game.

Membership point

The type of currency required to craft Exchange Tickets. Membership points can be earned through in-game purchases and NFT bonuses.

Exchange ticket

Exchange tickets (Dodger, Nancy, Charlie) can be created using accumulated membership points. Different tickets unlock different exchange centers.

Exchange Center

Exchange centers (Dodger, Nancy, Charlie) hold items ranging from higher-tier tickets to Fagin coins.

Fagin’s coin

Fagin Coins can be earned by opening exchange centers and can be redeemed for in-game or JAM offers.

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