Harvest Heist Season 6: Experience incredible Web3 gameplay


Harvest Heist is not just a game – it is a Web3 social journey filled with excitement, challenge and unlimited opportunities for wealth and rewards.

Offering seamless social integration, players can easily access our platform via their favorite social media such as X (formerly Twitter). This eliminates the need for additional downloads and allows users to easily move on to playing games with just a few clicks. Imagine playing a game where every action you take is not only fun, but also rewarding – Welcome to Harvest Heist.

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Desktop: http://app.saworld.io/vip
Mobile: http://sasa.saworld.io.

IN at the heart of Harvest Heist, you find yourself at Central Farm. Your mission? Grow your crops to compete for a prize pool of $6 million SAE and 70% of project revenues. Here’s a quick breakdown of how to start and dominate the game:

  1. Plant your seeds: Buy your favorite seeds with GEM. Each seed is a reproductive unit and the starting point of your journey.
  2. Increase the level of your crops: Use additional resources such as water and shields, which can be purchased with ASG or obtained from Spin, to accelerate growth and protect your crops.
  3. Gather your resources: Collect resources from your garden and store them until they are ripe and ready to harvest.
  4. Unlock ripe fruits: Once the fruits are ripe, unlock them to receive rewards such as SAE, ASG and more. These rewards can then be used to progress further in the game or redeemed in the Merchant Center.

There are three main ways to obtain gems in Harvest Heist:

  1. Complete tasks: Take part in various missions to earn GEM and other valuable rewards.
  2. Use Spin: Use the Spin feature which allows you to earn game resources every 3 minutes.
  3. Replace ASG with GEM: Convert ASG to GEM at a 1:1 ratio, providing flexibility in resource collection.

The game also includes, among others: Storewhere you can purchase in-game resources for $ASG and GEM to upgrade your crops, and a Shopping mall, a novel feature that allows farmers to exchange harvested fruit for $SAE and $ASG. This center opens only after the season ends and lasts for three days, giving players enough time to claim their rewards.

Success in Harvest Heist requires strategy and smart resource management. The Reservoir holds a maximum of 20 drops, which can be purchased with a Gem or obtained through Spin. Each drop refills every 5 minutes, allowing players to continuously water their crops. Each tree produces three fruits, and the fruits can be opened for rewards starting at the end of each season.

Players have three days to claim their rewards before unclaimed rewards are added to the next season’s pool.

The Mailbox The feature ensures you stay up to date with the latest notifications and records all your activities. Meanwhile, Leaderboard showcases top rankings based on player resources, adding a competitive edge to the game.

Harvest Heist Season 6 is more than just a game – it is a energetic and immersive Web3 social experience that combines the thrill of gaming with the real rewards of blockchain. With seamless integration, strategic depth, and a tough reward system, Harvest Heist represents the future of gaming – a future where your efforts and skills will be richly rewarded 🔥🥷🏾💰

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