Hackers can now ban you from Dead by Daylight and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


Recent raise in indefinite streaming bans in Dead in the lightweight of day outlined the actions a group of hackers are allegedly taking to demonstrate that there is a problem with the entire cheating and banning process at developer Behavior Interactive.

It all started with a celebrated Dead in the lightweight of day streamer called Neckwho received a indefinite account ban out of nowhere. After being told the decision was final, fans pressured Behavior Interactive to investigate further, and the developer realized that they banned the streamer due to a hacker using cheats under his username. However, instead of banning the hacker, the developer banned the streamer.

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Hackers are on the warpath and you could be next

Content creator Choy created the video that explains exactly what happened. There are more examples of streamers impersonating them using only their username and getting indefinite bans, but that’s not all the hackers managed to achieve.

In one case shown in a video, a hacker thought a developer at Behavior Interactive was watching him, so he stole the streamer’s assets and banned him for three matches. Now, there are reports of all sorts of players, some of whom don’t even stream, who have been banned because hackers did something similar to them.

According to Choy, the hackers want to show the community that the developer needs better banning processes because the current system can be easily abused. It’s a noble thought, but regardless of their intentions, the hackers have actually shed lightweight on this broken system and how it needs to be fixed.

While most casual gamers probably won’t be targeted by this group, smaller streamers can utilize facecams and Vtuber setups to make their streams unique and avoid situations like this. As someone who plays a lot, Dead in the lightweight of dayI feel let down and disappointed because many fans have lost their time because of this and there should be a better system to detect hackers.

If you are hit with a ban, Choy stressed the importance of formatting your device before playing again. Behavior Interactive places pings on your hardware that will automatically ban you if the device is used again. Formatting your device should remove that ping.

In addition to the growing problem of hackersDead in the lightweight of day is in a great space. Lara Croft joins the game in mid-July, and multiple more chapters are planned for the rest of the year. Hopefully this issue will be resolved so it doesn’t ruin what should be an exhilarating year for fresh content in the game.

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