Hack prison computers in Escape 2042, a recent platformer for the Game Boy Advance


Avoid security cameras, collect grenades and eliminate enemies.

  • Avoid security cameras
  • Collect grenades and eliminate enemies
  • Hack computers to disable security and unlock doors

Independent game studio Retro Room Games has released a recent action platformer for the Game Boy Advance and Sega Genesis/Mega Drive consoles. Available now, Escape 2042 will offer a mix of platformer, puzzle and action gameplay. You play as a pale man in a gray overalls who, for unknown reasons, has made many enemies.

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Your task will be to avoid detection by bypassing security cameras and hacking into prison computers to disable security systems. Additionally, you will also have to collect grenades which you will apply to annihilate enemies and apply your hacking skills to unlock doors.

This recent 2D platformer comes to life in 16-bit color. You’ll enjoy intense action as you traverse the jungle, slide down cliffs, and avoid spikes and other perilous obstacles. As you progress, you’ll travel through a variety of environments, from futuristic buildings to caves and deserts.

Founded in 2019, The Retro Room Games specializes in creating and publishing games for retro consoles. The studio has worked with both independent and commercial game developers and has published titles for platforms such as the NES, Sega Dreamcast and Sega Saturn, among others.

Their released titles include the RPG visual novel hybrid Red Moon: Lost Days, the puzzle adventure game BIG2SMALL, the point-and-click comedy horror adventure Batty Zabella, and the puzzle platformer A Satyr In Hell. The company strives to keep the love for retro gaming alive by providing retro-style games to current and future generations of gamers.

You can purchase the recent action platform game cartridge for $24.99 or purchase it complete with manual and box for $44.99 by visiting the developer’s store. To learn more about Escape 2024 and other titles from The Retro Room Games, visit the developer’s website official website or follow them Instagram.

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