GTA Online updated for the week of June 13


Weekly GTA Online updated on June 13, 2024is live with events with prizes, discounts, rewards and Dr. Dre.

Our GTA Online The weekly update guide will tell you everything that’s happening in Los Santos this week.

Special events in GTA Online

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Image: Rockstar Games

This week’s main event is Agreement with a celebrity solutions agency to find Doctor Drestolen mobile phone. Complete Data leaks mission for 2x GTA$ and RP this week.

If you want to configure Agencyall agency properties and upgrades are 30% off all week long at Dynasty 8 Executive.

You will receive an additional reward for completing Data Leaks GTA$100,000 for the weekly challenge bonus.

What 3x GTA$ & RP events will be available in GTA Online this week?

There are no 3x GTA$ and RP events this week.

What Double GTA$ & RP events will be available in GTA Online this week?

GTA Online promotional graphics for short trips

Image: Rockstar Games

All three of Franklin and Lamar Short Trip Missions are satisfying 2x GTA$ and RP this week. You can start it by selecting Quick Join > Contact Missions > Short Trip on your phone.

GTA Online promotional art for Sumo Remix

Image: Rockstar Games

You will pick up too 2x GTA$ and RP for participating in Sumo remix events this week.

What vehicles will be for sale in GTA Online this week?

GTA Online promotional graphics of the vehicles on sale this week in Premium Deluxe Motorsport

Image: Rockstar Games

What will you find in the Premium Deluxe Motorsports showroom this week?

Head to Simeon’s Premium Deluxe Motorsports showroom to purchase:

  • Michelli GT lamps (40% discount)
  • Grotti GT500
  • Canis Seminole border
  • Pfister’s Comet
  • Sew Akuma

What will you see at the luxury car showroom in GTA Online this week?

GTA Online promotional graphics showing the vehicles on display this week at the Luxury Autos showroom

Image: Rockstar Games

At Luxury Autos in Rockford Hills you can pick up:

  • Outclass the LX Impaler
  • Vapid Dominator GT

What car will be the prize in GTA Online this week?

At Diamond Casino, spin the wheel for a chance to win Outclass Drift Tampa.

What are the goals of this week’s GTA Online Junkyard Heist?

If you have set up a scrap yard, you will be looking for:

  • Poor Ellie
  • Stirling GT benefactor
  • Neon by Pfister

Which properties will be on sale in GTA Online this week?

Everything (star solution) Agency Properties, upgrades and modifications are 30% cheaper this week (50% for GTA+). Head over to Dynasty 8 Executive to pick it up.

What is Gun Van selling in GTA Online this week?

Track it down A van with weapons available for collection this week:

  • Compact EMP launcher
  • Widower
  • Pump shotgun
  • Double barrel shotgun (40% discount)
  • Tactical submachine gun (30% discount with GTA+)
  • Cue
  • Tear gas
  • Pipe bombs
  • Sticky bombs
  • Armor

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