Grand Theft Auto 6 Just Got The Smallest Teaser, But We’ll Take What We Can Get


Rockstar Games

The line between teaser and Easter egg can be incredibly gaunt, and nowhere was that more obvious on Tuesday than with this necklace from the upcoming collection Grand Theft Auto 6.

User on GTA6 subreddit (By Gaming place) I noticed that the necklace that was featured in the first gameplay trailer is now available for purchase in the recently released Bottom Dollar Bounties update Grand Theft Auto Onlinewhich added bail enforcement on June 25. It’s called the “Silver Layered Necklace,” and according to one Reddit user in a post, it’s just one of many assets that appear to have made their way into the franchise’s online component.

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It’s most likely an Easter egg or a reused resource (it’s just a necklace, after all), but since little has been revealed about what’s likely the most anticipated game of 2025, fans will take whatever they can get. We do know that it’s set in the game’s equivalent of Florida, and that it’s inspired by Bonnie and Clyde. We also know that the series will feature a female protagonist (named Lucia) for the first time. And eagle-eyed fans will likely get a better idea of ​​what’s coming if they watch the first and only trailer.

However, developer Rockstar Games did not reveal any details about the gameplay (as the first trailer was entirely cinematic) or whether Lucia will be joined by other playable characters like in the previous game. GTA5. So it makes sense that people would be on the lookout for any references. Hopefully we’ll hear more soon before the game releases next year.

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