Goat Simulator 3’s “Shadiest Update” Finally Hits Mobile With New Summer Fun


  • Goat Simulator 3’s “Shadiest” Update Now Available on Mobile
  • Packed with summer-themed content for this physics-based comedy game
  • The worst update was released in 2023

Goat Simulator 3’s Shadiest Update is finally coming to mobile devices a year after its initial release. The update brings a ton of novel summer-themed content, collectibles, and more to the popular physics-based comedy, including a slew of bug fixes and more.

Goat Simulator is, well, a goat simulator. But instead of standing around eating grass and chewing your cud (do goats do that?), you’ll be using your sticky tongue and a variety of crazy physics-based puzzles to wreak absolute chaos on unsuspecting humans.

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First released in 2023 for consoles and PC, the Shadiest update focused mainly on a whopping 23 novel summer-themed cosmetics. It also includes a number of bug fixes, at least for the previous version, and we can assume the same applies to the mobile version.

Better delayed than never?

How excited you are about this update probably depends on how much you like Goat Simulator, as well as how excited you are to see it on mobile. Right now, it’s not much more than the addition of more cosmetics and a bit of summer theming, but either way, it’s a welcome reminder that the hit comedy game is available on mobile and that the developers are still paying attention to it.

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