Getting started in the shadow of Erdtree and more gaming tips for the week


Screenshot: : From Software / Kotaku

There is a place called prison and a place called prison….

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Stepping foot into the Kingdom of Shadows Shadow of Erdtree will offer players plenty of options. On one side is a church with a knight with a comically huge mace, on the other is a giant, sentient Wicker Man, and on the other is a dank swamp with even darker soldiers. And then there’s you, most likely still trying to get yours Ring of Fire sea ​​legs back, trying to figure out where to go, until you find yourself a bit west of the burnt out slum, through the bird nest, heading down to the mausoleum where he awaits certain death with his best friend, crossbow. As it turns out, however, the Blackgaol Knight is the only thing standing between you and the best pieces of armor as you begin your journey. I guess you might as well kill him. Here’s how. -Justin Clark read more

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