Gensokishi Online announces the launch of GENSO Lucky Chance ROND imports and recent collaboration


  • Gensokishi Summer Online Campaign: Win prizes by importing ROND (game currency) between June 21 and July 11. Every 50,000 mROND = 1 lottery ticket. We will draw the winners on July 15.
  • New Aflac collaboration: Visit the Aflac booth in-game to learn about their recent program and enter the raffle to win a special cosmetic item (starts June 20).
  • Aflac item details: One entry per person, not NFT, only cosmetic (no gameplay effects).

Gensokishi Online, a metaverse game that builds the economy of a fantasy world, has announced two exhilarating initiatives for players. The first is GENSO Lucky Chance #ROND Import – a summer 2024 campaign offering players the chance to win prizes based on ROND imports.

ROND Import’s “Happy Chance” campaign

This summer campaign is doing away with classic in-game purchases. Instead, players will receive Lucky Chances based on the amount of ROND they import and convert to paid mROND during the campaign period (June 21 – July 11, 6:00 UTC). Every 50,000 mROND imported means one Lucky Chance ticket awarded at the end of the campaign.

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Here’s the key point: Chances won’t appear in your inventory. The total number of Chances spent per wallet address will be calculated and announced at the end of the campaign. The set of prizes and points are predetermined, regardless of the number of participants.

More details and prize sheet can be found in the official information of “GENSO Lucky Chance #ROND Import -2024 Summer-“. Winners will be drawn around July 15, with prizes distributed the next business day. mROND will be sent directly to users’ gaming accounts, while NFTs will be delivered to the corresponding wallet addresses.

New cooperation with Aflac Life Insurance

Gensokishi Online announces the launch of GENSO Lucky Chance ROND imports and new collaboration

Gensokishi Online is also available cooperation with Aflac Life Insurance to further enhance the player experience. Aflac has revamped its in-game booth, showcasing its recently launched “Hybrid Tsumitasu for Asset Creation and Protection” program.

Additionally, special Aflac cosmetic item, to wear in GensoKishi Online, will be distributed by lottery. Players who take part in the survey at the Aflac booth starting June 20 will be eligible to win.

Important notes:

  • Only one survey entry can be submitted per person.
  • The Aflac item is not an NFT and is exclusively available on GensoKishi Online.
  • It has no gameplay modifiers and is purely cosmetic.
  • Winners will receive the Aflac item directly to their in-game accounts.

With these announcements, Gensokishi Online offers players exhilarating opportunities to win prizes and participate in recent collaborations, further enriching the gaming experience.

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