Genshin Impact Live Stream Codes Version 4.8


Hoyovers just finished Genshin Influence version 4.8 livestream preview, showing all sorts of details about the upcoming patch. Most importantly, there were a few codes that award Primogems and other rewards shown during the stream.

Our Genshin Influence Live Stream Codes List 4.8 lists three live stream codes for rewards and explains how to exploit them.

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It’s summer! That means the next Genshin Influence patch will be a massive summer event, featuring a limited-time map, recent skins for Nilou and Kirara, and — if it follows the same pattern as previous summer events — a hint at the upcoming region, Natlan. The stream also showed off Emilie, an upcoming Dendro character who will debut in version 4.8.

Genshin Impact Live Stream Codes Version 4.8

The codes are as follows:

Please exploit these codes quickly as they expire July 6th at 12:00pm EST.

Not only do they reward Primogems, but they also give Mora and Adventurer’s EXP, which you can exploit to level up your characters.

How to Redeem Genshin Impact Gift Codes

To redeem the codes, you can log in and enter them website to redeem the code. You can also enter them in-game via the settings menu, but copying and pasting them into your browser is much easier. You can also click the links above if you’re logged in on the device you’re seeing this post on.

Once the codes have been redeemed, rewards will be sent via in-game mail.

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