Genshin Impact Character Tier List (Update 4.7)


Genshin Strike has an ever-growing roster of characters, most of which are obtained through the gacha system. Primogems are worth their weight in gold, however, and not all characters are created equal.

But before we get to the tier list, a little disclaimer: Genshin Strike tier lists suck. There is no one universal way to assign values ​​to characters Genshin. The levels below do not necessarily correspond to power levels; instead I tried to sort the characters by team flexibility, overall usability and popularity in meta.

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S level

S-tier characters will facilitate your account significantly. There are no characters to attract Genshin Strikeand if you don’t like her, you can do without using Xiangling. However, these characters are a staple in many teams. Having at least a few of them will facilitate you a lot against tough Abyss compositions.

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The A-tier characters are very mighty, but there is no pressure to choose them. Many of them are great DPS units, but because there are so many DPS options to choose from, the value of any single DPS character is somewhat diluted. Some of them are excellent support units, but there are other alternative characters that can replace them if needed.

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Level B

All B-tier characters are in great shape. DPS units here are still powerful, but may require more investment or specific teammates. These characters are balanced, but niche, underused, or have other caveats regarding their exploit.

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Level C

C-level characters are functional but rarely used. DPS units can still clear the Abyss here, but they require hyper-investment or have largely lost popularity among players. Support units don’t provide enough utility to be used across multiple teams.

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Level D

A handful of D-tier champions have glaring issues with their builds that severely limit their potential. This could be due to bugs, indigent design, or a lack of synergistic teammates. HoYoverse rarely buffs champions after launch, but there is a chance these rankings will improve with the addition of modern champions or gameplay mechanics.

  • Aloy
  • Kaveh
  • Dehya
  • Candace
  • Xinyan

Final note

Regardless of where a character is on this list, every sign is useful. Even those with the most problematic sets were used to clear the Spiral Abyss with full stars. If you like a character, you should definitely play that character. Have fun with whoever you want, let others enjoy whoever they want, and have fun with your video game.

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