FromSoftware’s Miyazaki on the PC port of Bloodborne: “I wish more players could enjoy it”


Over the years Transmitted through blood fans wanted a popular RPG game available exclusively on PS4 transferred to your computer, hopefully with performance improvements and graphical options. And while FromSoftware president Hidetaka Miyazaki hasn’t confirmed that such a port will be made, he has stated that he’s not opposed to it and suggested that many people at the studio want a PC port to happen.

Released almost a decade ago, in 2017, exclusively on PlayStation 4, Transmitted through blood is one of FromSoftware’s products (Dark souls, Ring of Fire) most popular and beloved games. Like many other games from this company, Transmitted through blood is a tough as nails action RPG featuring intense boss battles and lots of secrets. However, unlike many FromSoftware RPGs, Transmitted through blood it was never ported to other platforms. It remains stuck on PS4. This led to people constantly asking about Sony-owned equipment Transmitted through blood to get a PC port. And it looks like while Miyazaki doesn’t have anything to announce, he does seem to have come up with the idea that this fan-favorite RPG will finally be playable on something other than PS4.

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In an interview with Miyazaki Computer player he asked the president if he would like to meet him in person Transmitted through blood one day ported to PC.

“I know for a fact that these guys want to Transmitted through blood PC port,” Miyazaki said, referring to FromSoftware staff who sat with him during the interview. However, he quickly added that if he said he wanted a port, he would “be in trouble,” but he wasn’t “against” a PC version.

“Of course, as one of the creators Transmitted through bloodMy personal, completely honest opinion is that I wish more players could enjoy it,” Miyazaki said. “Especially as a game that’s coming of age now, one of those games from the past that gets lost on older hardware – I think in any game like this it would be nice to have a chance for more players to experience it and relive this relic of the past. For me, I definitely wouldn’t be against it.”

Of course, although it’s nice to hear that the CEO of FromSoftware wants to Transmitted through blood PC port, that doesn’t mean it happens. Remember, FromSoftware is not the owner Transmitted through blood IP, Sony yes. Until Sony decides to finance a port, remaster or remake, FromSoftware can only vaguely say, “Yes, we want one too!” and that’s all.

Let’s hope that when we celebrate the game’s 10th anniversary next year, Sony will realize that they have a real goldmine on their hands and all they need to do is release a trailer Transmitted through blood on Steam and will be inundated with pre-orders even before the trailer is released. At least we know that everyone at FromSoftware wants a port. Now we wait to see what Sony wants…


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