FromSoftware’s collaboration with George RR Martin on Elden Ring was good, but what about other authors? “We would definitely be open to exploring this issue.”


George RR Martin played an significant role in building the world of Elden Ring, and it looks like FromSoftware will be open to similar collaborations in the future.

While there are still not many details about the actual work Martin did, he is clearly portrayed as the person who laid the groundwork for Elden Ring. This is something that sets this game apart from other FromSoftware titles, even if it may just be a PR stunt. Apparently Bandai Namco interested in collaborating with fantasy author Brandon Sanderson, but it’s unclear if this has anything to do with FromSoftware at all, and the author himself is also open to the idea. In a recent interview with GameSpot (Thanks, GamesRadar), game director Hidetaka Miyazaki was asked about the possibility of another similar collaboration, to which he seemed very open.

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“One of the huge added values ​​of Elden Ring is, of course, George RR Martin’s contribution to history and mythology, and this is one of the very unique points that other From Software games do not have,” Miyazaki explained. “When the team was able to start unpacking its history and mythology, it was a huge boost for us and something that doesn’t happen very often on the development side. So it was a lot of fun building and laying out the world and trying to decipher and represent and then translate that into what players see on the screen.

“So if we had the opportunity to collaborate with another major creator, I think we would definitely be open to exploring that opportunity because of the unique experience, both from the development side and what the players experienced.”

As part of the same interview, Miyazaki also touched on whether he was interested in a Dark Souls or Elden Ring movie, and in another interview he also mentioned his interest in making a conventional JRPG (just don’t expect a sequel to Enchanted Arms).

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