[Five Stars]July 9th update details


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1.no longer available for South Korean IP addresses.

2. Fixed a bug that occurred when upgrading Bastia’s plate armor.

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3. Character Balance Adjustment Details

– All: Shields no longer stack with shields of the same class.
– Everything: Reduced the damage of the passive skill “Bonus Damage on Attack”.
– All: reduced damage raise and reduction stats.
– Knight: Added reduced taunt chance to basic attacks.
– Warrior: Basic Attack Evasion Reduction stat changed to Silence.
– Warrior: Increased range of normal and special skills.
– Spearman: Increased stagnant damage.
– Assassin: Increased range of basic ability.
– Priest: Basic attacks have an increased chance to reduce healing and are more effective.


– Base skill: Increased damage.
– Special Ability: Added bleeding damage.

– Special Ability: Damage Reduction.
– Special Ability: Reduced poison damage.
– Passive 1: Reduces the chance of becoming inanimate.

– Special ability: Attack range is reduced.
– Ultimate Ability: Changes to “Increased Counterattack Chance > Grants a shield to allies”.
– Passive 1; Reduced resurrection health

– Passive 1 > Increases resistance to debuffs.
– Passive 1 > Added shield effect.
– Passive 2: Changed to “Damage Reduction > Physical Defense Reduction” effect.

– Common Skill > Added Shield Break effect.
– General Skill > Increased Damage.
– Passive 2: Reduced chance of not being revived.

Disciple Saint Veronica
– General Skill > Increased shield effectiveness.
– Special Ability > Increased damage dealt.

– General Skills > Increased damage.
– Common Skill > Removed Silence and added Damage Reduction.
– Special Ability > Increased Poison Damage.
– Special Ability > Increased range and reduced damage.

– General skill: increased chance of healing reduction effect.
– Special Ability: Increases chance of being frozen.
– Passive 1: Adds a shield effect.

– Base skill: Increased damage.
– General Ability: Increases range.
– Normal skill: Removes the effect of lowering physical defense.
– General Skill: Attack damage reduction effect is reduced.
– Special ability: Increased damage.
– Special Ability: Increases healing reduction.

– General Skill: Attack damage reduction effect is removed.

Woo Hee
– Base skill: Increased damage.
– Passive 2: Changed from “Increases damage when attacking enemies” to “Adds a shield when using skills.”
– Features: Reduced explosion damage.

– Base skill: Increased damage.
– General Skill: Increases the chance to remove anomalies.
– Passive 1: Changed condition trigger to “Attack an enemy for damage over time > At the start of a wave”.
– Passive 2: Reduced chance to taunt.
– Passive 2: Increased chance to bleed.
– Passive 2: Increased bleeding damage.

– Normal skill: Reduces defense.
– Base skill: Increased damage.
– Special ability: increases chance of stunning.

– Common skill: removed buff dispel effect.
– Special ability: removed physical defense reduction.
– Features: Additional damage dealt is reduced

– Base skill: Reduced damage.

– Base skill: Reduced damage.
– Passive 2: Reduced health after reviving.

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