[Five Stars] Detailed update July 9


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1. Connection is not possible from a Korean IP address.

2. Fixed a bug when reinforcing Bastia’s plate armor.

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3. Character Balance Change Details

– All: The shield will be changed so that it does not stack on the same tasks.
– All: Among the passive effects, the damage of “bonus damage on attack” is reduced.
– All: Damage increases, reduction stats decrease.
– Knight: Reduces the chance of taunt being added to normal attacks.
– Warrior: When performing a normal attack, the evasion reduction ability is changed to silence.
– Warrior: The range of general and special skills increases.
– Spear Warrior: Fixed damage boost.
– Assassin: Overall skill range increased.
– Priest: Chance to reduce healing and boost the effect of normal attacks.

– General Skill: Increases damage.
– Special Ability: Added bleeding damage.

– Special Ability: Reduced damage.
– Special Ability: Poison damage is reduced.
– Passive 1: Reduces the chance of resurrection.

– Special ability: Attack range is reduced.
– Special ability: changed to “Increase Counterattack Probability > Add Shield to Allies”.
– Passive 1; Reduced resurrection durability.

– Passive 1 > Increased chance to be resistant to debilitating effects.
– Passive 1 > Added shield effect.
– Passive 2: Changes to “Accuracy reduction effect > Physical defense reduction” effect.

– Added General Skill > Shield Release Effect.
– General Skills > Damage Increase.
– Passive 2: Reduces the chance of being resurrected.

Disciple of Saint Veronica
– General Skills > Shield effect is increased.
– Special ability > Increases damage.

– General Skills > Damage Increase.
– General Skills > Silence has been removed and attack power reduction has been added.
– Special Ability > Increases poison damage.
– Special Ability > Range is increased and damage is reduced.

– General Skill: Increases the likelihood of a healing reduction effect.
– Passive 1: Added shield effect.
– Special Ability: Increases the chance of being frozen.

– General Skill: Increases damage.
– General Skills: Increased range.
– General Skill: Magic Defense Reduction effect has been removed.
– General Skill: Attack power reduction effect is reduced.
– Special ability: Increases damage.
– Special ability: Healing reduction effect increases.

– Normal skill: Attack power reduction effect is removed.

– General Skill: Increases damage.
– Passive 2: Changed from “Increase accuracy when attacking an enemy” to “Add a shield when using a skill”.
– Characteristics: Explosion damage is reduced.

– General Skill: Increases damage.
– General Skill: Increases the likelihood of removing status abnormalities.
– Passive 1: Activation condition changed to “When enemy attacks, dealing continuous damage > When the wave starts.”
– Passive 2: Reduces the chance of provocation.
– Passive 2: Increases chance of bleeding.
– Passive 2: Increases bleeding damage.

– General Skill: Added defense reduction effect.
– General Skill: Increases damage.
– Special ability: Increases the chance of fainting.

– Normal skill: The buff removal effect is removed.
– Special Ability: Removed physical defense reduction.
– Characteristics: Reduced additional damage

– General Skill: Reduced damage.

– General Skill: Reduced damage.
– Passive 2: Stamina decreases upon resurrection.

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