Final Fantasy XIV fans are losing their minds wondering how dye channels work on specific clothes


Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail had a fairly silky launch, as thousands of players jumped in to play it during its Early Access period before the floodgates opened and everyone else rushed to check out what the expansion had to offer. However, there’s one feature that’s kept popping up in less than favorable ways.

Of course, I’m talking about the dye channels. The expansion introduced two dye channels to the game, allowing players to create custom armor and stand out from the crowd. Before Dawn Traildye channels changed the entire predefined part or material of a character’s clothing/armor. Now you can employ two dye channels to change everything. The problem is that sometimes one of these dye channels is almost unnoticeable.

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Sometimes garments may require more than two dye channels

Complaints shared by players Final Fantasy XIV subreddit obviously doesn’t cover every single piece of clothing/armor in the game. However, some fans sounded like they were losing their minds trying to see what changes the dye channel makes.

User User-LiCo posted their experience with the shirt. They assumed the buttons would change color, but it turned out it was the stitching on the buttons that really changed. Riot_Mustang66’s comment says it all. “lol so not the buttons themselves, but the threads on the buttons… I saw a similar one with a chest piece with a necklace, and a small part of the necklace was the second dye.”

This is a user He shouted.which I really sympathize with. They put together an intense Spongebob Squarepants meme to recreate their experience from first hearing about the multiple dye channels to seeing them in action now that they’re playing the expansion.

The Appointed Jacket is one of those items I’ve seen a few times. It’s an item that includes a full set of clothing for the upper body of the character, not just the jacket. However, the dye channels only let you change the color of two parts of it, meaning that everyone who wears it has the same colors underneath, which seems off.

User This British Person highlighted the Appointed Jacket’s shortcomings in painful detail, alongside some very basic changes you can make to the Isle Explorer’s Leather Halfgloves. Note that the same post also details dye channels for the Eastern Lady Errant’s Gloves, which I think look really stunning.

These posts and many others appearing on Final Fantasy XIV subreddit suggests that these dye channels are a good start, but they don’t go far enough. Games like Warframe allow for extremely detailed customization of different parts of the equipment, while at the same time Destiny 2 uses predefined shaders, also offers a wide range of customization.

The player base of each game is different and it seems that for Final Fantasy XIVmore options are needed for some items. For now, players just have to try not to lose their minds when they spend ages choosing the right color combinations only to see that one of them is only noticeable from the player menu.

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