February 2024 Web3 Searches: Searches Return to Bitcoin, but Growth May Be Just Around the Corner


  • The BTC and SOL rally increased trading interest, with a slight enhance in Web3 searches.
  • NFTs are becoming more and more niche, with automated trading or used as an in-game incentive.
  • Solana remains one of the best retail chains offering Web3 capabilities.

Web3 searches in 2024 have not yet trended. The Web3 space is booming, but it has not yet returned to the peak interest in search results of 2022.

This year, the focus has returned to general cryptocurrency trading. Coinbase and Bitcoin lead searches, signaling a up-to-date round of expansion for buyers and wallet owners. If history is any lesson for you, interest in coins can translate back into games, tokens, NFTs, and other types of investments.

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Is Web3 coming back?

Web3 remains a strict, all-encompassing term for related products, from wallets, gaming, fintech and trading to all other NFT transactions. Web3 search volume remains at a consistently higher baseline, with search interest increasing since early 2024.

The exception in search results is Solana, which is experiencing a renaissance of search interest. The main reason for Solana’s growth is the market price of SOL, which has risen above $110. Expansion will strengthen SALT ecosystem, in addition to an enhance in BTC of almost $50,000.

NFT expansion remains niche

NFT remains a rapidly growing market that relies on niche strategies, shooting and automated trading.

NFTs have taken a two-way path. They are either given away for free or are in the hands of short-term traders. There is no mass hype around NFTs or high-profile collections that command extremely high prices. However, trading opportunities still exist thanks to automation, signals and sniper tools.

At the same time, games like Sunflower Land operate in-game NFTs as an incentive to keep players engaged.

Sunflower Land continues to feature sporadic finds, weekly challenges, and production tasks to keep players entertained.

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