Fae Farm’s second content update is coming to Nintendo Switch


The sky of Azoria on the Fae farm The content update invites you to spread your wings and soar higher into the sky of the realm, where you’ll encounter fresh magic, game mechanics, and friends. This second major content update is included in the base price of the game on Nintendo Switch.

The people of Skyvale welcome you with open arms to Fae Farm’s latest content update, Skies of Azoria, which was released earlier this week. This game masterfully combines aspects of the best farming games with the fantasy and magic of the world of fairies, and this update is no exception. As the name suggests, Skyvale is located in the clouds above the existing lands of the Fairy Farm and is home to a whole host of flying friends.

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The citizens of Skyvale need your lend a hand because their Sprite patron, Gusto, is in a bad mood. Explore dungeons, solve puzzles and talk to locals to get to the root of the problem. Speaking of roots, this fresh region is also home to many fascinating crops that you can take to your farm to propagate or sow the seeds of a fresh relationship with one of the many romantic characters living in the sky.

If you haven’t played Fae Farm yet and are worried that you’ll have to wait to experience Skyvale, put those fears aside! Phoenix Labs made sure that Skies of Azoria’s story and mechanics were woven into the main story from the beginning, so you can start over and don’t have to wait to explore the clouds. Alternatively, if you’ve already completed the main Fae Farm campaign, Skies of Azoria also runs as a standalone DLC.

That’s everything you need to know about the Fae Farm Skies of Azoria update. If you’re still on the fence, check out our Fae Farm review and see if we can change your mind. You can also take your Azoria journey to the next level with Fae Farm multiplayer.

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