Experience a haunted Atari-style game in Spooky Pixel Hero, Appsir’s sequel to DERE Vengeance


  • Spooky Pixel Hero is an upcoming mobile game from developer Appsir
  • You may remember them from the fantastically terrifying DERE Vengeance
  • Spooky Pixel Hero is the debut of the sinister 1976 retro game where nothing is as it seems

Appsir has been a favorite of ours since their previous excellent game DERE Vengeance. And as a follow-up, the developer went out on a limb with the retro, meta-horror game Spooky Pixel Hero.

In Spooky Pixel Hero, you play as a game developer tasked with debugging a lost 1976 platform game by a mysterious agency. You’ll traverse over 120 levels of hardcore platforming action, all the while learning a story that pushes the boundaries of the game and hints that your seemingly elementary task may have sinister consequences.

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Spooky Pixel Hero isn’t the first game we’re discussing today that makes us wonder what another game might be. But while Knight Lancer reminded us of Nidhogg, Spooky Pixel Hero gives us some decidedly chilling connections to Faith from the Airdorf games.


In addition to the hardcore platforming action, the promise of a mysterious meta-horror story will certainly tempt some players. While if you’re a gaming purist, you’ll likely question the historical accuracy of the graphics, the pseudo-retro pixel art does a fantastic job of communicating the dense world while remaining abstract enough to be uncomfortable.

If it’s anything like Appsir’s previous game, DERE Vengeance, then Spooky Pixel Hero is sure to serve up some seriously spooky scares, despite its somewhat cutesy name. So be sure to check it out when it releases on Google Play and the iOS App Store on August 12!

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