Everything you need to know about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Warzone Season 4 Reloaded, premiering June 26


A DNA bomb detonated at the Popov Power Plant, releasing powerful mutagens in the Season 4 Reloaded mid-season update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Call of Duty: Warzone. Utilize modern mutant modes, maps, unstable rifts, events and more, and acquire modern weapons and aftermarket parts to lend a hand face the challenges ahead.

Season 4 Reload Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III AND Call of Duty: Warzone will be released on June 26 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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Multiplayer Overview

Three basic 6v6 maps

Slope (modern base map): Battle on frozen terrain in this tiny research facility located deep in the Caucasus Mountains in Urzikstan. Shoot from the cable car at the Central Transit Station and prepare for long-range clashes on the northern road.

Bitvela (modern variant): Experience multiplayer like never before in this pixel art-inspired version of Favela, which comes to the Bit Party Playlist mod. Pixel cars, buildings and trees, jagged clouds and pixel smoke particles perfectly mimic the original map, without any apparent edge curvature. When competing in Bit Party, your Operator’s head will grow after each elimination, making you a bigger target while providing bonuses to your targets.

Gross (modern variant): A vile infection has gripped downtown New York, sending bloody streaks across the ceiling and walls of Das Haus. An alien planet floats in the night sky. Try to stay sane in this map variant coming with the modern Vortex playlist.

New mutation mode, Havoc and more

Mutation: Take turns playing as humans and mutants in a wide range of game modes. Mutants can choose from a variety of classes, including the Mutant Hopper, Radioactive Beast, Corrupted Slugger, and Camouflaged Sneaker.

Havoc: In this variation of Team Deathmatch inspired by classic arena shooters, random modifiers activate throughout the match, radically changing the gameplay in a mode where no two matches are the same!

Additionally, you can perfect your aim in Headshots Only mode, wield blueprints for powerful weapons in Blueprint Gunfight, and hone your parkour skills with the limited-edition G3T_H1GH3R.

Zombie review

Call of Duty: Warzone overview

Explosion at Popov power plant

A DNA bomb exploded at the Popov Power Plant in Urzikstan, changing the environment and releasing a toxic chemical nearby. The scene of the incident should be approached with particular caution.

New gameplay features

General overview

Two modern weapons

Reclaimer 18 (Shotgun, Battle Pass): Reclaimer 18 supports two shooting modes. Activate pump action to boost damage range and semi-automatic mode to boost fire rate. Switch between them when the situation calls for mastery in close-range combat.

Hammer (melee, challenge): Crack skulls with a sledgehammer with a 20-pound carbon steel head and a variety of attacks including swings, overhead attacks and pole slams.

Season 4 Battle Pack for PlayStation Plus Members

PlayStation Plus members, be sure to download the Season 4 Battle Pack. This pack gives Élodie, Lockpick a modern Chemical Warfare operator skin.

PlayStation Plus members will also receive: Composition Carbine weapon blueprint, Brushstroke Ballistics weapon blueprint, Fuming with Pashion gigantic decal, Toxic Artist weapon decal, Mini-Infiltrator amulet, and Infectious Vision emblem.

Additionally, PlayStation players will receive an in-game 2XP Player bonus on June 26-27 and July 4-5.

New challenges and events

Check back for modern mid-season weekly challenges to unlock more aftermarket parts and the Molten Obsidian animated weapon camo by completing all eight weekly challenges.

Earn more rewards in various in-game events, including Altered Strain, Retro Warfare, Transfer Missions, Vacation Team, and Vortex: Death’s Grip.

New store offer: 8-Bit Task Force 141 and more

Deploy the 8-bit version of Task Force 141 with the Tracer: 8-Bit Blitz Pack and suit up in astronaut gear with the Out of This World Pack. Look for other wild bundles to arrive mid-season, including the wacky Zodiac-themed Pro Bundle.

Season 4 of Reloaded starts on June 26

Purchase Modern Warfare III on PlayStation to enjoy the benefits of two additional gear slots, exclusive monthly Double XP events, +25% bonus PlayStation Party XP, +5 additional Battle Token tier skips when purchasing BlackCell, and a free in-game pack each Season with Battle Pack.

Stay frozen. Available on PS5 and PS4.

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