Evercade’s Super Pocket Presents Two New Editions of Classic Atari and Technos Libraries


  • Evercade is gearing up to debut up-to-date editions in its Super Pocket line of portable devices.
  • Atari and Technos versions will include games from those platforms
  • There is also a confined edition version of the Atari portable console with a wood-like finish.

Game preservation is one of those conversations that can get pretty heated. Whether it’s people bragging about piracy or people saying “Just copy it!” there’s never a one-size-fits-all answer. Luckily, some companies are offering easier, official ways to access older games without paying outrageous second-hand prices.

Evercade is one of them, and the company just unveiled its latest line of products with the latest Super Pocket. The handheld has already debuted in Capcom and Taito versions, but will see even more retro versions released in October 2024 with Atari and Technos editions featuring games from those platforms.

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There will also be Atari edition versions with a wood finish, of which only 2,600 will be produced. They will go on sale soon.

Wow, so retro

With portable gaming devices largely relegated to retro emulation, it’s always nice to see more official versions on offer. Evercade has managed to build quite a reputation for themselves over the last few years, although some may consider their confined edition 2600 series to be a bit of a gimmick, unless it’s real wood grain, of course.

After all, since Super Pockets are compatible with existing Evercade cartridges, you can easily take your retro game collection on the go, and then pop them back into your main console when you’re done playing.

Sales of the up-to-date Super Pocket Edition will begin in October 2024.

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