Escape from Tarkov offers players in-game currency as a reward for reporting cheaters


The developers of Escape from Tarkov are taking extra steps to hunt down cheaters by offering players a cash reward (in-game currency) for reporting cheaters.

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The popular shooter has long waged war on cheaters, naming and shaming thousands of banned players and posting lists of usernames as proof that “justice has been served.” But cheating still exists, creators Battlestate Games said They banned over 11,000 a few weeks earlier this year – so the game developers are now introducing a rewards system.

It was officially mentioned in the game latest patch notes As a “compensation for reporting players who have broken the rules of the game,” the reward system is actually quite basic. Players who successfully report a cheater—in other words, you can’t just make money by reporting everyone you see—will receive a certain amount of in-game money when the cheater is confirmed and banned.

There is no word on how much money players will receive for their efforts, but dedicated bounty hunters will receive a combined amount for successfully reporting multiple cheaters.

The system is live now with the latest patch, which also adds item wishlists, a few tweaks to the PMC and Scav AI, and the ability to play offline in the PvE Zone mode. You may recall that said PvE mode was at the center of player backlash against the $250 novel edition of Escape from Tarkov revealed back in April, for which it was exclusive despite the previous top-tier version of the game promising that all future DLC would be included for free. After some initial resistance, the studio later relented and allowed owners of the older Edge of Darkness pack to jump into the PvE mode.

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