Elden Ring streamer MissMikkaa dominates Shadow of the Erdtree bosses using a dance mat


Streamers have been finding original ways to play games for years, but content creators from FromSoftware seem to be taking things to the next level. After beating the DLC with a controller, MissMikkaa is now taking on The shadow of the Erd tree using a dance mat.

At the time of writing this text, Mrs. Mikka defeated several bosses in The shadow of the Erd treeincluding epic dance-offs with Dancing Lion and Renalla. She also defeated several lesser-known bosses along the way, sometimes in a single encounter. However, as she continued through this game, she would almost certainly hit a wall of difficulty with the final boss, which gave almost everyone a good 500 deaths before finally falling.

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The shadow of the Erd tree is exhausting enough without a dance mat

From software The shadow of the Erd tree extension for Ring of Fire introduces a few novel mechanics that make it more challenging than the base game, even for veterans. The novel leveling system makes you feel like you’re starting over, and mastering every novel weapon and every attack pattern of every boss is taxing enough.

When you consider that MissMikkaa is competing with all of this and jumping around to press every required button, this gameplay seems crushingly challenging and infuriating to get the hang of. I have trouble using a dance mat for actual dance games, let alone a Soulsborne title.

As for how it works, the dance pad is set up to accept the basic inputs you would apply on a controller. Some inputs, like double-tapping a directional button, trigger a run, but everything is more or less laid out as you see on screen. If you watch clips of MissMikkaa fighting these bosses, you’ll see that she’s already learned their attack patterns, allowing her to dodge, jump, and heal herself when she knows she’s secure before she attacks.

This isn’t the first time MissMikkaa has taken on a FromSoftware game with a dance mat. Her most impressive feat in Ring of Fire she completed two runs at once. One using a controller, and the other using a dance pad. I have no doubt the streamer plans to do the exact same thing in Shadow of the Erdtree, once she’s completed the game on both a controller and a dance pad.

Soulslike games are among the best games to watch. Viewers can easily feel the player’s frustration and euphoria when it comes to bosses. The shadow of the Erd tree may be the biggest challenge in terms of what the genre has to offer so far, so I expect someone there to push the game even further in a novel way on stream soon. That is, if MissMikkaa doesn’t outdo herself.

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