Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree – the noiseless final boss – apparently cut out any dialogue that could break his ominous silence


Warning: the following contains spoilers for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree.

A data miner has found dialogue for Elden Ring’s noiseless final boss Shadow of the Erdtree that was cut by FromSoftware, leaving the player to fight without so much as a affable hello before a deadly meteor shower begins.

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Yes, it turns out that the additional Saint Trina chatter that the Elden Ring detectives found and restored last week wasn’t the only thing that appeared in the DLC files in terms of cut content. There’s also more in there that Miyazaki and company ultimately decided not to reveal.

The latest lines refer to Promised Consort Radahn and were found by a Reddit user (thanks, Player) who reviewed the game’s Japanese dialogue files to see if there were any significant differences between them and the English versions.

Radahan, it seems, instead of being completely mute, would originally have said three lines: “I am Radahn,” “Born of the red-maned Radagon and Rennala of the full moon,” and finally, “A lion bred for battle.” That’s certainly an fascinating bio for Tinder or Hinge, and you have to give the guy credit for that.

Of course, the gigantic question is why the subpoena was issued to prevent him from saying these rather benign – at least on a superficial level – lines that don’t really do much to shed lithe on his character beyond what we already know from people on YouTube who have learned more lore than could fit into Ray Lucaria’s immense library. If I had to guess, I’d probably say it’s something like what seems to be in the game with St. Trina’s dialogue – FromSoft choosing not to be as explicit about the presentation of events and how they connect these various characters as they could have been.

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