Elden Ring players will still get some chilly up-to-date features even if they don’t purchase the Erdtree DLC


Picture: : Bandai Namco

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I imagine a cross section of people who still playing Ring of Fire but I don’t buy it Shadow of Erdtree expansion it is quite petite. Still, these people are lucky because they will still be able to take advantage of the free update that will be available along with the DLC. In addition to various gameplay changes, this will greatly improve inventory management and even add more hairstyles.

FromSoftware announced the changes in a miniature Twitter thread today. “Update to Ring of Fire base game and day 1 patch Shadow of Erdtree will be distributed on June 20,” the company says he wrote. “The update includes bug fixes, balance adjustments and several new features.”

The biggest change announced concerns items. You will no longer run around collecting things and then have no idea where they ended up in your inventory. Newly acquired items will now have an exclamation mark on their icons until players highlight them. Additionally, recently purchased items will receive a completely new inventory tab. It was a change people noticed when working directly with Shadow of Erdtree DLC earlier this month and it sounded like a huge quality of life boon.

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Summon pools will also be improved. Active Summoning Pools will now be carried over to new game plus, and individual Summoning Pools can be turned on and off in the new Map Features menu. Ring of Fire will also receive five new hairstyles that players can choose during character creation or when using the cloud mirror stand or Rennali’s spawn feature. I’d love to hear the story behind what they thought was missing from the game and why.

But all this is just the tip of the iceberg. Players can discover the rest of the changes and features coming to the update when it goes live. Shadow of Erdtree and its update will be released on June 21st in the meantime. The DLC will be available from midnight local timewith pre-download available on PlayStation, while Xbox players will get early access if they change their region to New Zealand. It’s time to level up the base game if you haven’t already!

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