Elden Ring: How to reach Mohgwyn Palace


How to get to Mohgwyn Palace in Elden Ring is something you happily can’t think about in the base game, but if you want to start the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, you’ll have to pay a visit to the damn kingdom and overthrow its would-be ruler. TKTK

This Mohgwyn Elden Ring Palace guide explains both methods of getting to the amazing region and tips on where to go once you get there. If you’re looking for further Elden Ring lend a hand, check out our guides on where to find Seppuku Ash of War and how to get the Carian Scepter, one of the best staffs in the game

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Elden Ring: How to reach Mohgwyn Palace

Easy route to Mohgwyn Palace

The quickest and easiest way to reach Mohgwyn Palace is to complete the White Mask of Varre quest. Varre is a naughty little weirdo who calls you girlless when you first enter Limgrave and assuming you don’t kill him – and you he really shouldn’t do it – it will move to the Rose Church in Liurnia. Find him there, still don’t kill him, and you’ll be able to take on some quests as his would-be acolyte.

One murder and a detour to later immerse a religious icon in virgin blood and you’ll be able to teleport to Mohgwyn Palace – well, partially, anyway. The real mausoleum, which also serves as Mohg’s home, is located on the far western edge of the region, so you’ll have to make your way through the bloody land before you reach it. You can also utilize the invasion sign in the region to summon Varre, fight him, and steal his bouquet weapon and unique armor if you want. Now there is no penalty for attacking him.

Difficult route to Mohgwyn Palace

If, like me, you decided that your first mission in Elden Ring was to throw Varre off a cliff, you’ll find it much more challenging to reach Mohgwyn Palace. The only legal method available to you is via a teleporter locked in a secret tunnel in Hallowed Snow, which is itself a locked sublocation in Giant’s Peak that you need the Haligtree Medallion to access. You can only reach the Mountaintops after you have collected at least two Great Runes and passed through Leyndell the first time.

You can ride the Great Elevator of Rold to the mountaintops, but you’ll need the Haligtree Medallion to reach the Hallowed Snowfield. Once there, head to the Yelough Anix tunnel and defeat the Sanguine Noble that will raid you at the end. Once you’ve done all that, activate the teleporter and boom, you’re in bloody land.

Mohgwyn Elden Ring Palace walkthrough

Whichever route you choose, Mohgwyn Palace is a horrible nightmare place. You start on a rocky ledge overlooking where Mohg lives, and it’s quite a long walk to get there. Veritable armies of albinaurs roam the mountain paths, and while most of them will ignore you, the red ones are aggressive and risky. They eject spines from their bodies, spur other albinaurs into action, and roll around in spiky balls like evil, little, ugly hedgehogs. Their attacks can stun you and cause you to lose blood, so utilize shields or deal with them quickly to avoid getting into a challenging situation.

Further down the hill you will find yourself in a blood filled swamp with even more albinaurs marching around it. Ignore them unless you need Runes. In the corners you’ll find some Ghost Glovewort and some Bloody Excrement to craft. No, this is not a joke. You can summon your Spirit Ashes here, but I don’t recommend it unless you want to fight everything. Most of them are aggressive and look for nearby enemies, while you can just stick to the edge of the swamp and avoid them all.

If you turn left, you’ll find yourself in a damn little dead end with mutant dogs, an invasion by the Nameless White Mask who can drop a piece of surgeon equipment, more Glovewort, and some very aggressive mutant birds that, if you manage to defeat them, will give you thousands of Runes for art. This spot is completely optional, but is one of the best run farms in the mid to tardy game.

If you don’t turn left, you will exit the swamp and return to normal terrain. More red Albinaurs summon giant spirit skeletons that cast grudge spells at you. You can’t harm the skeletons, so instead, defeat the Albinauric that summoned him.

Continue along this path and you will eventually reach another Place of Grace. Activate it and rest if necessary. The road ahead is full of exploding bloody zombies that leave a cloud of blood that causes blood loss if it touches you. However, if you want, you can just browse through them all. Dealing with all of them takes way too much time and the returns are minimal. Remember that a compact number of them will lunge at you and explode unprovoked, but as long as you’re not left in a cloud of blood afterwards, the danger is quite low.

Defeat or avoid the giant blood clot blocking your path and enter the cave. Call upon your Spirit and delicate your lamp. The cave is quite uninteresting, but as you progress, three Sanguine Noble will materialize and attack you.

Once you’ve succeeded, activate the next Place of Grace and prepare for the Mohg boss battle. Go up the stairs in front of you and ignore the crowd of Albinaurs captivated by the statue. They’ll leave you alone if you leave them alone, so turn right, hop in the elevator and you’re done. However, you may want to consider taking the Blood Lord’s Rapture with you.

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