Elden Ring has a weird Steam Deck bug, but a fix is ​​coming


How Ring of Fire‘S Shadow of Erdtree The DLC is available to players around the world. Steam Deck fans have discovered a glitch that makes the game unplayable. The bug appeared with update 1.12 and will seriously crash the game if you leave Tarnished alone for too long.

Steam Deck users noticed an issue where the game would not respond to any commands. FromSoftware on Twitter/X confirmed that this happens if you leave the game running but your Steam Deck is inactive for more than 5 minutes. The developer is working on a fix for the bug, but it’s not available yet. To avoid this problem, it is critical to keep your Tarnished moving.

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Keep moving in Ring of Fire if you are playing on Steam Deck as the inactivity glitch boss cannot be beaten

Ring of Fire‘S Shadow of Erdtree DLC is one of the most anticipated releases of 2024. Some people may be playing and during their gameplay they will have to put down the Steam Deck and do something else. However, doing this without pressing a button or joystick every few minutes like an impatient cat will cause the game to completely lock you out at that point.

FromSoftware is working on an update, but has not announced when it will be able to release a fix patch this case. Fortunately, this error appeared that day Shadow of Erdtree was released, so the developer was probably waiting for bug reports. However, not all mistakes are created equal. Some fixes require a few hours, others may take much longer.

I’ve seen a few since the latest patch was released error reports IN Ring of Fire on social media. These aren’t common enough for it to seem like everyone is affected, but quite a few players have launched the game and waited for the DLC to become available, only to be met with an error screen and the inability to load a perfectly placed Tarnished .

If you’re playing a game on Steam Deck, the safest way is to simply keep moving. Don’t leave the game for longer than 5 minutes or you’ll probably need to restart it. Luckily Ring of Fire it works fine on Valve’s mobile device, so it shouldn’t be much of an issue for loading screens.

My best advice to you is to be careful about when you take breaks and for how long. If you plan to put your Steam Deck away before the patch is released, make sure you save your game and exit. We will update the article as soon as FromSoft makes a patch available online.

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