Elden Ring data miner discovers the true face of the Shadow NPC Erdtree


“You’re a stubborn guy, aren’t you? Or maybe you just have a habit of talking to dolls?”

With Elden Ring’s massive expansion Shadow of the Erdtree currently fascinating (probably) millions, there’s a lot of interest in FromSoftware’s esoteric fantasy world. There’s an entire cottage industry that studies its games in detail, extracting tidbits from the plot and giving players insight into things the developer never intended them to see. Note: Minor Shadow of Erdtree spoilers follow!

The driving force of this community, the dataminer Zullie the Witch, scoured the depths of the Shadowlands, stripping away armor sets and rotting rags to discover what 25 frigid NPCs really look like underneath. Being FromSoftware, although these characters cannot be seen in this state in the game, each is given a unique facial model, full of scars, marks or absences that can tell a story. For example, Hornsent, despite what you might have believed, is completely hornless underneath.

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