Elden Ring community heroes like Let Me Solo Her helped inspire the villain Acolyte


Warning: this article contains spoilers for the fifth episode of Acolyte! If you haven’t already, be sure to check it out IGN The Acolyte: Episode 5 Review.

The fifth episode of Acolyte rejuvenated Star Wars fans with a killer lightsaber fight scene and a palpable online fervor for the villain’s exposed muscles. While The Master’s connections to villains like Kylo Ren have not yet been officially revealed, his flowing armor and arms owe their inspiration to a surprising source: the scantily clad tough guys of Elden Ring, such as Let me do it solo.

In a recent interview for ReciprocalAcolyte producer Leslye Headland sheds some lightweight on the early character design process Master (AKA The Stranger AKA Qimir), played by Manny Jacinto. Speaking to Inverse, Headland revealed that Qimir’s look — who ditches ponderous armor for minimalist, flowing clothing — took visual cues from the player’s Elden Ring summons.

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“Qimir was a lot about understanding how to use your body, and not just standing in a suit or being weighed down by a suit,” Headland said. “We thought, ‘We need to put something flowy on him.’ As soon as I said he didn’t have armor, everyone lost their minds. ‘How can you not have armor?’ I thought, ‘Why would you wear armor if you’re not going to get hit?’ It’s like the Elden Ring suit. Elden Bling. When you summon people, you always summon people who aren’t wearing anything, and you think, ‘These people are just crazy.’”

At one point in the interview, Headland responded that Qimir’s arms were a huge draw for novel and longtime fans, saying she and Jacinto expected the reveal to be a gigantic moment for fans. What’s more, the project almost never saw the lightweight of day.

While Headland has not explicitly stated that Qmir’s design was inspired by Elden Ring community legends such as Let Me Solo Her, his visual themes and fighting style are reminiscent of the player’s style. Let Me Solo Her gained fame in the Elden Ring community as a sort of sword-for-hire who took on the game’s most complex boss fights, such as Malenia. A key element of Let Me Solo Her’s story is that all of these feats were accomplished with dual blades. Qimir doesn’t go so far as to fight practically naked, but his lightsaber-immobilizing helmet, double-bladed saber, and aggressive fighting style evoke a similar fighting style to experienced Elden Ring players.

“Yeah, you have to approach it with an offensive mindset, especially with these bosses,” Headland said, referring to boss fights in Elden Rings. “You can’t just back off and panic. You have to be aggressive with them. You have to get into it.”

IN our reviewWe gave The Acolyte Episode 5 a 9/10, writing: “In an exceptionally thrilling and brutal episode, the Master is unleashed and unmasked, leading to thrilling and shocking results that truly turn the series on its head.”

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