Dungeon & Fighter Mobile has been the highest-grossing iOS game for over four weeks


  • Dungeon & Fighter Mobile has been at the top of the iOS revenue charts for over four weeks
  • This is despite Tencent challenging Android app stores in its latest move
  • Dungeon & Fighter Mobile recently debuted on the Chinese market, which is dominated by mobile devices

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile, the mobile spin-off of the popular Dungeon & Fighter series that Tencent recently helped debut in China, has paid off tremendously with its launch, reaching the highest revenue level on the iOS charts in four weeks.

This comes at a time when Tencent, which publishes the game in China, has withdrawn it from sale in some Android stores due to the expiration of licensing agreements. This is widely believed to be part of an ongoing back-and-forth between the gaming giant, its largest by revenue, and the country’s phone makers whose built-in app stores Tencent uses.

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As you might expect, Dungeon & Fighter Mobile is a mobile spin-off of the DNF series developed by Nexon subsidiary Neople. The multi-class side-scrolling fighting game boasts impressive graphics and retro effects, and has been a hotly anticipated release in China since its 2022 launch.

Is there a lot of money at stake?

We have our own opinion about the Android store that Tencent is a part of. However, it should be clear from this news that there is a lot of money involved in Dungeon & Fighter Mobile, which is being completely absorbed by the Chinese audience.

So it’s no surprise that Tencent wants to squeeze as much cash out of it as possible. However, it seems like they are a bit reticent to do the same with iOS as they did with Android.

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