Don’t worry, Life is Strange: Double Exposure doesn’t canonize any of the original game’s endings, says Deck Nine


Life is Strange: Double Exposure will respect the final decision the player made in the first game and will not announce any of the original canon endings, Deck Nine confirmed.

Following the game’s launch at the Xbox Games Showcase last weekend, an extended livestream aired last night, which included interviews with the game’s key creators and Max’s returning voice actress, Hannah Telle, as well as 15 minutes of gameplay. The stream dug into details about the novel setting, Max’s novel powers, and, most importantly, how the game will remain true to player choices from previous titles.

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Two generations of consoles and almost 10 years since the initial release of Life is Strange, it’s not surprising that you don’t import save information from LIS1 directly into Double Exposure, but Deck Nine has a plan to ensure that your experience with the latest game continues to reflect those choices long ago made. While previous sequels Life is Strange 2 and Life is Strange: True Colors immediately asked you what ending you received in the original game, Double Exposure will take a slightly more organic approach in this direct sequel.

The broadcast revealed a fragment of Max’s conversation with his novel friend Safi, during which she asks about the photo of Chloe that the adult Max still keeps in his wallet. The player can describe her as an aged friend or high school sweetheart, which will allow you to judge whether you continued the romance between the two or kept things platonic. It’s likely that determining the ultimate fate of Chloe and Arcadia Bay based on your gameplay will be resolved through similar dialogue choices.

This is good news for fans who had been hoping that Life is Strange wouldn’t break its long-standing commitment to ensure that none of the games in the series would be non-canon. However, not everyone is thrilled, as this open-ended way of structuring the sequel means that even if Chloe survives in your game, her absence suggests that she and Max have gone their separate ways in the meantime; especially since it’s also been confirmed that Max will have novel optional love interests, which is pretty certain NO Chloe and Warren from the original.

Instead, the broadcast suggests that Max will have the opportunity to find a punk librarian, presumably a colleague from her novel job at the fictional Caledon University in Vermont – which I personally am not particularly opposed to, but this novel girl will be something amazing, win over all the die-hard Pricefield shippers , who have had almost a decade to invest heavily in their One True Pairing.

But take heart: even if your ship has just been sunk, Chloe is clearly still very vital to Max if he keeps her photo close to him after all these years, and even the end of their potential romance doesn’t necessarily mean that Chloe’s influence will completely disappear. absent in the latest game. You really have to feel sorry for the people who brought Max and Warren together – no one seems too bothered to explain where he’s gotten to now.

Life is Strange: Double Exposure will be released on October 29 on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, and a port to Nintendo Switch is planned for an unspecified date. The Ultimate Edition will include two weeks early access to episodes 1 and 2, as well as loads of cosmetics and an exclusive side story about a missing cat – but has been criticized for costing £25/$30 more than the standard edition.

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