Does Once Human support controllers?


IN Once upon a time, a manyou can explore a huge open world and fight paranormal enemies like you might encounter in a sci-fi military shooter book, claiming it for increasingly powerful loot. You can also gather resources to build your ultimate mobile home or mountain home, but playing with a controller is iffy.

There is no denying that games like Once upon a time, a man are easier to play with a controller. As someone who primarily plays on consoles, I think using a keyboard and mouse has its advantages. However, it’s nice to have the option to switch between a controller and a keyboard and mouse, especially in games you’ll put hundreds of hours into like this one. While many developers prioritize controller support for their titles, there are some who don’t.

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Does Once upon a time, a man is there controller support?

Photo courtesy of Starry Studio

No, at the time of this writing, Once upon a time, a man does not support a controller. Developer Starry Studio explained why in the game launch FAQInitially, this wasn’t a significant factor in the game’s launch, so the development team didn’t push to add this feature to the game at launch.

However, there is a silver lining for all of us who prefer to play with controllers. Support for Once upon a time, a manbut it will take some time for the team to implement it. I will update this section of the article as soon as controller support goes live, but it will be a long time before we see any mention of it in possible update notes. This game needs players and support for their requests before anything else.

Once upon a time, a man is set to release on July 9, 2024, and I wouldn’t expect controller support to arrive anywhere near that time frame. That’s because the team will likely be inundated with bug fixes and server updates for a few weeks while this fresh online looter shooter gets into rhythm with a fresh player base.

The same goes for Steam Deck support for the game. Starry Studio insists it’s not available at launch, although I’ll be trying it out anyway. I’ve talked to developers who’ve been pushing to make games with controller support from day one, because it makes it much easier to make console ports. I haven’t seen console support on cards for years, at least not on Once upon a time, a manwhich is another reason why controller support has fallen by the wayside.

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