Disney Pixel RPG Could Fill Void While We Wait for Kingdom Hearts 4


Maybe we don’t have Disney Pixel RPG Release Date yet, but just knowing that a up-to-date Disney mobile game is in the works is enough, and the fact that you’ll get to see beloved characters like Mickey Mouse, Maleficent, Genie, Ariel, Pooh, Stitch, and Baymax in their pixelated glory is the icing on the cake.

There’s always room for more Disney games, especially now that we’re waiting for another Kingdom Hearts game, and Disney Pixel RPG looks set to offer something a little different than Disney Dreamlight Valley and Disney Mirrorverse – both of which took up many hours of my life – proving that there’s always room for more adventures with Mickey Mouse and the gang.

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Featuring many of the worlds from films like The Little Mermaid, the story revolves around the fact that strange things are happening in these beloved worlds; there’s a mystery to solve, and your favorite Disney characters need your aid to get the job done. You can even create your own avatar, outfitting it with various Disney-themed clothing items – I finally get to wear Donald’s awesome sailor cap.

Then you need to send your pixel friends out on an expedition so they can gather resources. However, if they run into trouble, it’s time to employ some strategy when you enter the fray.

Disney Pixel RPG Release Date Speculation

While we don’t have an exact release date for the Disney Pixel RPG just yet, we do know that GungHo Online Entertainment is planning to release the game in 18 regions in 2024. As soon as we have a solid launch window, we’ll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, you can pre-register your interest in the game via both Google Play and App Store.

If you need something to kill some time while you wait for the release of the Disney Pixel RPG, you can’t go wrong with DDV. If you decide to give the game a try, check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley recipe guide. You’ll want to be able to cook up some delicious meals for your pals.

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