Discussion: Which PS5 game performed best across all summer gaming events?


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Game status. Summer gaming festival, Ubisoft Forward. Presentation of games for the Xbox console. All of these events have given us announcements, reveals, and updates of up-to-date PS5 games – but of all the titles we’ve seen over the past week, which one performed best? Which upcoming release are you most hopeful about?

These are questions we always like to ask after a substantial gaming event, so we’ve gathered the Push Square editorial team to share their thoughts. After reading, please vote for your own favorites at the bottom of the article.

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We’ll be publishing an article with the results of this survey next week, so choose wisely!

DOOM Dark Ages

Aaron Bayne, video producer

There were a few games that stood out to me during the Summer Game festivities, such as: Perfect darknessDragon Age: The Veilguard, Assassin’s Creed Shadows, and even Gears of War: E-Day. But the game that was a real buy for me on day one was DOOM: The Dark Ages. Medieval DOOM sounds like a great option that could be put aside in search of something safer, but iD Software is here with this massive metal concept, filled with chainsaw shields, skull-crushing guns, and dragons. It looks like we’re going for a more down-to-earth approach here than what we saw in DOOM Eternal, but if it can keep up that hectic and brutal gunplay, I’m all for it.

Khayl Adam, Staff Writer

The highlight by far for me was the reveal of Civilization VII, which I’ll probably spend an obscene amount of time on if history repeats itself, all from the comfort of my couch. Virtually nothing is known about the next installment of the venerable series (although a gameplay reveal has been promised in August), but with Firaxis at the helm and studio founder/series creator Sid Meier at the helm, we’re in almost protected hands. I don’t expect the wheel to be reinvented, but the technical improvement will certainly be appreciated. Come 2025!

ReFantazio metaphor

Liam Croft, deputy editor

After feeling burnt out on turn-based RPGs earlier this year, Metaphor: ReFantazio seems ready and waiting to reignite my love for the genre. Atlus’ up-to-date JRPG that turns the Persona formula on its head looks like a real Game of the Year contender – at least here on Push Square. The stylized graphics of the SMT sub-series have been retained, this time combined with a narrative of political intrigue and shady dealings. All my experiences at the Summer Game Fest were overwhelmingly positive, and I’m looking forward to another 100+ hour adventure full of twists and turns. The premiere also takes place on my birthday, so add another point to the rating.

Robert Ramsey, deputy editor

My pick for a summer gaming extravaganza is Metaphor: ReFantazio. Being a maniacal Persona fan, I was already excited about Atlus’ next project based on previous showings, but its updates during Summer Game Fest really pushed me over the edge. Plus, everyone who has actually watched and played the show (lucky bastards) says it’s basically a shot at RPG of the year – and that’s stern praise considering RPGs have already been released in 2024. Direction artistic, the promise of deep RPG elements, it mad battle theme – everything comes together. I just don’t think there will be another game like Metaphor on the horizon; stands out from a sea of ​​upcoming titles that, in my humble opinion, are simply much less captivating.


Sammy Barker, editor

I think I’ll go with LEGO Horizon Adventures to be straightforward. I could have chosen others: I was delighted with Clair Obscur: Expedition 33 and its turn-based battles; of course Astro Bot will be outstanding; I can’t wait to embrace my teenage angst in Life Is Strange: Double Exposure. But no, I’ll choose Guerrilla and Studio Gobo’s toy-based adaptation of Aloy’s world, simply because it looks such fun. I was Really I was skeptical about this project when the rumors were circulating, but all my fears were put to rest once I saw it in motion. Not only does it look lovely, but it seems to take the show in a completely different, more relaxed direction. Six months ago I would never have predicted that something like this would even exist, let alone that I would be writing about it on this list, but here we are. It’s great to see Sony targeting a different demographic with its Christmas lineup – I just hope the titles Actually sell.

Stephen Tailby, deputy editor

When I think about different shows, I can certainly point to a few highlights, but nothing made me happier than seeing Astro Bot’s debut trailer during State of Play. In the midst of so many stern multiplayer action and shooter games that, honestly, all blurred together, the stern, colorful trailer for this little robot was a breath of fresh air. Character appearances on PlayStation are a ton of fun, Astro’s upgrade range has been expanded, and it looks visually stunning. I also had the pleasure and privilege of playing this game early on and it has stuck with me ever since. This is definitely my game of the summer and I’m already gearing up for game of the year.

We have already expressed our opinion, now it’s your turn. Vote in our poll for the best PS5 games you think are the best, then tell us why you picked them in the comments section below.

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