Destiny 2’s introduction The Echoes episode is the most peaceful moment I’ve ever seen in this universe


We were spoiled with history and the sheer amount of stuff we got ourselves into Destiny 2: Final Shape. The expansion is a worthy conclusion to the Light and Darkness Saga that began with the original Destiny in 2014. With the release of the first part of the game Echoes of the episodeI was moved to see that for the first time in ten years the universe was at peace.

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After completing the Excision mission and destroying the Witness, a period of peace begins in Destiny 2 universe. This is what we are experiencing now. The cutscene that plays at the beginning Echoes of episodes it shows every character we’ve met over the last few years rejoicing and celebrating together. Despite parts of The Witness shooting out to cause chaos in the system, everyone is elated.

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Saint-14 and Osiris tell us how ancient friends have parted ways, but we have a modern gang to fight any foe who wants to argue. Nimbus, the Cloud Runner, seems to be at the forefront of helping Caitl and Zavala sit down and have some fun. There’s more going on here than just fun. There’s hope.

As this cutscene progresses, we don’t feel like the system is under threat. After The Witness, anything that comes along will be simple to stomach. Instead, we’re shown how warriors who’ve fought the Darkness for so long they’ve forgotten what it’s like to stop are now dreaming.

saint 14 and osiris holding hands destiny 2
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Saint-14 and Osiris want to return to exploring the far reaches of space together, enjoying each other’s company without the constant fear of the Pyramids and the First Knife looming in the background. Putting yourself first and just living without thinking about danger was really encouraged in this series before because there was always something else to worry about.

Whether it was the pyramids themselves heading to Earth, a modern type of hive under the ice of Mars, the Light Bearers who were not Guardians, Ahamkara or SIVA, the Guardians were never able to relax. We always had to be willing to throw everything we wanted out the window and get back into the fight.

This year Episodes will be compelling because yes, they will show us threats that we have never faced before. But it’s also the most laid back Destiny 2 ever been this way, and I’m incredibly grateful for that. The slower pace affects the missions and activities we’re told to play, as well as the lack of urgency to play as often as possible. Destiny 2 as much as possible, every week is something that I think the entire community has needed for a long time.

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I hope that it Episode rhythm becomes the norm and Destiny 2 can continue to grow in modern directions for years to come. I want to see the characters we love rebuild their lives from the ground up and hear elated stories from the universe now that we’ve hopefully put all the darkness, death, and destruction that The Witness caused behind us.

Destiny 2 is in a fantastic place po-Final shape. It doesn’t need a hectic content funnel to keep players engaged, it just needs to be at that level for the foreseeable future. There’s enough going on to keep us entertained, but it all feels like relaxing with a frigid drink and a friend on a balmy summer’s day. It’s a moment for everyone to take a breath and look back at all we’ve achieved, while simultaneously knocking our guns together.

We’re having fun, having fun, cleaning up the system, with almost no care in the world. Even if something obscure emerges from these Witness Echoes, it’s not enough to disrupt the peace. It’s really an excuse to keep shooting and having fun for the rest of the year.

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