Decentraland Game Expo ’24 starts on Wednesday! Here are the details


  • The DCLGX ’24 Game Expo starts on June 26 at Decentraland. Presenting the leading edge of decentralized games and blockchain technologies.
  • Organized in four main thematic zones, including RPG & MMO and Speed ​​& Strategy. This offers interactive experiences, from sophisticated RPG games to strategic competitions.
  • In addition to the games exhibition, the event will include, among others: panels with experts discussing topics. Such as artificial intelligence in Web3 gaming and digital asset management.

The Web3 gaming community is getting ready for the beginning Decentraland game fair, DCLGX ’24will start next Wednesday, June 26. The event will last until June 29offering insight into cutting-edge decentralized gaming and blockchain technology.

DCLGX ’24 is built around four main thematic zones: RPG & MMO Zone, Speed ​​& Strategy Zone, Blockchain Game Alliance Zone and Decentraland Game Zone. Each zone will feature a number of booths where attendees can explore and engage in a variety of events interactive experiences. From sophisticated RPG games to strategic competitions and inventive blockchain-based games, the event aims to meet the interests of the entire community.

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In addition to the gaming exhibition, DCLGX ’24 will feature a packed schedule Live events. Industry experts will share their insights in dedicated panels exploring the topic. Such as the impact of artificial intelligence in Web3 games, digital asset management and the integration of various virtual worlds. They will provide valuable insight into the latest trends and create a platform for exchange of ideas between industry leaders and players.

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Decentraland “Game Jam”: creativity put to the test

The central point of the event will be the so-called DCLGX Game Jam. Where game developers do it compete in creating inventive games within a confined time frame. They will challenge the creativity and talent of the Web3 developer community, demonstrating the potential of decentralized gaming ecosystems.

To facilitate participation and interaction during the event. We encourage participants to operate desktop client or Opera GX browser. Designed specifically to support the technological complexity of Web3 games and provide an optimal experience.

It combines inventive exhibitions, educational events and competitions. DCLGX ’24 comes to celebrate technological innovations in gaming. A unique opportunity to explore the future of digital entertainment.

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