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There were plenty of hints and even leaks from the main character himself along the way, but it was officially announced only during the Game Awards 2022. Death Stranding 2: On the Beach is on the way. Coming from the same influential and inventive mind as the original and the Metal Gear series before it, Hideo Kojima presented the game himself. Of course, nothing in Kojima’s games is plain and nothing has been revealed Death Strike 2 probably raised more questions than answers. We fasten our shoes, connect the balls and we are ready for an expedition to learn everything about it Death Strike 2.

Speculations regarding the release date

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Death Stranding 2: On the Beach it only has a wide release window of 2025.

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The only platform Death Strike 2 is currently confirmed for PS5. This makes sense, as the first game was a PlayStation exclusive at launch, and later in 2020, it received a PC port and even found its way to PC Game Pass. Although it is possible Death Strike 2 to come out on PC or even PC Game Pass, like the first one, Sony owns the IP, so don’t expect it to appear on any competitor’s consoles.


We already have our first long look Death Strike 2 with the debut trailer of the Game Awards 2022 gala.

Although the trailer does not contain gameplay, many details of the story and characters are shown. We see Fragile and a child (presumably Lou?) playing in a room with screens displaying the outside world. Fragile looks younger here than in the original, which may suggest that this is a flashback. Something seems to go wrong and she tries to escape from her unseen pursuers in the elevator. After being shot and falling, he appears to lose consciousness, leaving the child’s fate unknown.

We then see Sam, who has visibly aged, approaching Fragile. A massive floating structure emerges from the oil with the logo of a drawbridge, and she wants him to accompany her.

The trailer ends with a mysterious masked figure about to reveal its face, but we cut the video before it is shown.

Death Stranding 2 on the beach – state of play trailer | PS5 games

The latest look, which appeared in Sony’s February 2024 State of the Game report, gave us a lot more context for the game, including Sam now working for a group called Drawbridge, which is once again trying to establish contacts across the country. We also learn for sure that the masked man is Higgs, who has somehow returned from the beach to get revenge on Sam and is holding a guitar that shoots lasers on a Kojima-style display.

It’s almost always impossible to figure out the story of a Kojima game before playing it (and even challenging afterward), but we know he completely rewrote the script after the pandemic. At The Game Awards 2022, Kojima said: “I had this story written before the pandemic. But after experiencing the pandemic, I simply wrote the whole story again. I also didn’t want to predict the future anymore, so I rewrote it.


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The gameplay we’ve seen seems to be an evolution of what was established in the first game. Once again there will be a lot of walking, climbing and weight management in a much wider range of environments. We also see a petite fight with recent robot enemies, though we don’t get a clear picture of how they will fight differently from the humans in the last game.

Before Sale

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Production by Kojima

There is no pre-order information yet, but we will update this section as soon as it becomes available.

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