Death in Spelunky sometimes drives me crazy, but it always makes me laugh out noisy in the comically brutal roguelike Lucky Tower Ultimate


You know Spelunky when you spend a little too much time in a level and a nearly indestructible ghost appears to attack you and slowly chases you to the exit?

There’s something about the dungeon-crawling roguelike Lucky Tower Ultimate, except it’s a naked purple dude with a giant hammer. And it’s not snail-paced or subtle: it runs straight at you, screaming at the top of its lungs. He also doesn’t wait for you to spend too much time in a level: I had him punch me as soon as I opened the door to his room.

You don’t feel the paste splashing when you enter the level quite as fair as being haunted because you blatantly embarrassed yourself, but I 100% agree that Lucky Tower Ultimate is unfair. Almost every time I die it’s really amusing and it keeps me from having to start over. Death in Spelunky pisses me off sometimes, but here it almost always makes me laugh. By the way, the album is not out yet: the premiere is planned for August. But it is demo version on Steam you can play today and it’s a great way to spend your weekend.

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You may remember Lucky Tower from when it was a Flash game series, but if not, you start each run at the top of a random tower wearing nothing but a pair of panties and a fantastic hairstyle. Go down one level and you will find three doors. Pick one, go through it and see what’s on the other side – it could be anything from monsters to traps to a giant blue ogre that wants to play the shell game using a human tooth.

As you travel deeper into the tower and closer to freedom, you will find weapons and equipment, potions and upgrades, and the occasional companion or two to follow you and fight for you. Sometimes you can even force them to open another secret to see what happens. Quite often they die horribly! Usually you do too.

Lucky Tower Ultimate’s awkwardness is part of its charm. Your inventory is two-handed (sometimes you can find a miniature bag to hold coins, but that’s it), so you have to constantly juggle weapons and other items, and you’ll end up leaving most of what you find behind. Having only two gear slots leads to a lot of crazy moments and a lot of humor, like dropping things when you’re about to throw them and throwing things when you’re about to drop them, and sometimes eating things when you’re about to do something else with them. I ate many dead frogs, dead mice, and goblin eyeballs, and once accidentally threw a corpse at a neutral creature I was trying to talk to, which caused it to fly into a rage and punch me to death. Spelunky isn’t the only game that features short-tempered salespeople.

There is also a strange wizard you will meet from time to time. He would give me aid, such as dropping a weapon or an item for me to utilize, and give me tasks, such as asking me to find a specific item and give it to him the next time I saw it. Sometimes he gives me a potion: once it made me super rapid, other times it killed me instantly. Honestly, it’s a tough nut to crack.

But almost everything in Happy Final Tower is difficult. Maybe the goal isn’t to escape at all, but just to have fun dying quickly and violently. Or maybe I’m just telling myself that, because once again I opened the first door and that naked blue guy immediately sprayed me with a hammer.

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