Dead by Daylight Twisted Masquerade: How Rams and Invitations Work


Developer Behavior Interactive has completely reworked the way the Twisted Masquerade Event works Dead in daylight for 2024. Features novel mechanics to master that can give you an advantage as both Killer and Survivor in any Trial, but only if you know how to work with them.

The 2024 version of Twisted Masquerade in Dead in daylight it has Invitations, though not the kind you know, and Trixes, which completely change the game of Trial. Each one is designed to give you an advantage. Rams appear when you meet set requirements and are beyond your control, but Invitations add skills to your Survivor, allowing you access to powers that would normally require Perks to activate.

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How does Tryks work? Dead in daylight Twisted Masquerade 2024

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Tryks is an NPC in Dead in daylight who traverses the Twisted Masquerade, casting random effects on Trials. The Tryx Bag will apply one status effect and/or momentary target change, the first of which will activate when the Trial begins.

A novel Trik will be applied after every two completed party events. Party Events are goals such as repairing generators or engaging a Survivor for the first time. This means that there will be many Rams in play at the end of the Trial. However, they are all disabled once the Trial reaches the end of the game. Below I’ve listed each Ram involved in the event and how it affects the Trial, so you’ll know why strange things might be happening.

  • You are invited: Killer and Survivor gain 1 charge of Invitation.
  • No invitation for you!: Killer and Survivor lose 1 Invitation stack.
  • Peekaboo!: Killer and Survivor auras are revealed to all Trial participants for 8 seconds.
  • Move or lose!: Add 30% Haste to Killer and Survivors for 60 seconds.
  • Heal you, reveal you: All Survivors regain 1 health or are healed if they have suffered a Grievous Wound. The Exposed condition is then applied for 30 seconds.
  • Wait, where…?: Suppresses Killer’s Terror Range and Survivor scratches for 30 seconds.
  • Party totem!: All monotonous totems become anniversary totems and glow in a festive blue and gold shade. Interacting with them grants Blood Points, 30% Haste for 5 seconds and, upon successful transfer, reveals your opposite role aura. Interrupted actions only give Blood Points. An anniversary totem becomes a blunt totem when a gift is granted.
  • Party Chest!: All unopened chests become Anniversary Chests, which glow a festive blue and gold shade when within 8 meters of them. After 60 seconds, all Anniversary Chests open on their own and Christmas confetti explodes. When this happens, within the aura range of any Anniversary Chest, Survivors will scream and experience the Disturbed status effect for 4 seconds and the Killer will be stunned. If you open the Anniversary Chest before the Ram expires, you will receive a guaranteed random Anniversary item.
  • ZZL Zilch!: Nothing happened, you have Tryx!

How invitations work Dead in daylight Twisted Masquerade 2024

collecting invitations in the twisted masquerade of Dead by Daylight
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Invitations will only appear in the Twisted Masquerade Trials in Dead in daylight. When you collect it, you will automatically have one charge to apply it. After using this charge, you must wait for the Invitation to charge before you can apply one of his abilities again. You’ll be able to see the invite’s location once you’re within 8 meters of it, so keep moving around and you should spot it.

Invitations have different capabilities for Killers and Survivors. I’ve listed all the skills below so you can see exactly what’s possible when you choose one in the Trial.

All Survivor Invite skills

  • Lock the window vault: During a chase, you can jump through a window and make it inaccessible to the Assassin for 4 seconds.
  • Set up a party palette: Creates a party palette in an unused palette location.
  • Silent mode: Reduces pain moans, footstep sounds, quick actions and pools of blood by 100% for 15 seconds.

All Invite Killer skills

  • Withstand the stun: During pursuit, reduce stun duration by 50% for the next 4 seconds.
  • Remote destruction: Destroys a distant pallet or destructible wall.
  • Remote hook: Remotely hooks a downed Survivor to the nearest available hook.

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