Dead by Daylight players rejoice as developers finally disable potentially deadly Trickster


After days of fans screaming, Dead in the delicate of day developer Behaviour Interactive, The Trickster Killer has finally been temporarily disabled via the game’s killswitch. This means that no one will be affected by the photosensitivity issue that Killer can cause while playing against them.

A fan reported a problem with Trickster’s photosensitivity in Dead in the delicate of day earlier this week, but Behavior Interactive explained that it couldn’t reproduce the issue, so it wouldn’t be pressing the killswitch to temporarily disable the Killer. However, players were horrified by this and worked together to post hundreds of clips online showing the issue and the fact that it could trigger a reaction in those with photosensitivity issues.

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As of slow July 5, 2024, Trickster was disabled via killswitch Dead in the delicate of day, and added a warning about photosensitivity to the game. This is exactly what the community wanted and should support anyone who may be affected by these issues avoid them in-game.

The game community celebrated this victory Dead in the delicate of day subreddit. Many, like user Darkling5499, are glad that the developer finally listened. “Thank god. At least they finally listened instead of constantly saying “well, it works fine for us, we can’t do anything about it” and leaving it active.”

Some people still don’t know what this issue is, and users like boneless_dip explain it to them. “A photosensitivity bug that can happen. The source of it hasn’t been found yet, but according to reports (I’m not sure) the bug caused the player to be hospitalized. Edit: The hospitalization is real.” While some feel they can finally joke a bit about this issue, there’s still a stern undertone to it, as this issue could affect someone with photosensitivity issues. There are no confirmed reports of this happening yet, though.

The bottom line is that The Trickster has finally been temporarily disabled. But fans have definitely lost some trust in Behavior Interactive because it took so long. From a community perspective, players reporting the issue should be enough to disable it via killswitch, regardless of whether it could be reproduced.

Truth be told, there was no reason why Dead in the delicate of day community to raise this issue and force Behavior Interactive to act differently than out of a deep desire to keep other players protected. Hopefully, the developer will consider this if similar issues are ever reported.

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