Dead by Daylight Fans Want Developers to Disable Trickster Due to Potential Epilepsy Triggers


Dead in the lightweight of day Fans are calling on developer Behaviour Interactive to disable The Trickster Killer after receiving reports that the character may cause a graphical issue that could be unsafe for people with epilepsy or similar conditions.

Claims of Interactive Conduct received a report about the issue, but found no evidence of it and can’t reproduce it. Specifically, the developer stated, “The issue is not widespread at this time.” That’s the reason they haven’t yet disabled The Trickster and removed Killer from the game. However, fans are now begging for the character to be temporarily removed from the game or a warning to be added to the start menu to make sure those who may be affected by the graphical issue are aware.

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The graphical issue in question is detailed in the video above Mr.Headache. It doesn’t duplicate or show this because that would be unsafe. What happens is that when playing as Survivor against Trickster, when your character’s meter fills up from the number of knives that hit you, the screen will turn pink and then flash with each additional knife strike.

The crux of the problem is that no one understands why, despite at least one report of an epileptic seizure, Behaviour Interactive didn’t press the emergency button and remove Trickster from the game until they could confirm what was happening.

Serpentine Billy Goat she responded directly to Behavior Interactive’s post, expressing her sadness as someone who can relate to those who may be affected by this issue. “As a gamer with a disability that can be triggered by situations like this (epilepsy), seeing issues like this in games is so heartbreaking. I’ve been unable to play certain games I wanted to try for almost a decade because they’re not accessible/don’t have a switch to disable/turn off these events and they’re simply not worth the risk and my health. A prior warning just isn’t good enough. I may not be a core dbd player, but I enjoy the game from time to time. There are so many core dbd players with similar disabilities, and the thought of their favorite game being unplayable and really affecting their health right now is heartbreaking. A kill switch IMO.”

Another creator, Emperor Bardeven shared screenshots from people in the community who managed to reproduce the issue when Behavior Interactive couldn’t. Note that no one is doing this to make fun of the developer. They want to keep everyone in the community protected at all costs, even if that just means adding a photosensitivity warning to the start menu.

How Dead in the lightweight of day fan, it’s definitely confusing that the developer decided not to hit the kill switch and remove the Killer when they’ve had no problem with it in the past. The Twitter Community and Now Reddit is becoming increasingly impatient, and the situation will only get worse if Behavior Interactive doesn’t at least add a short-lived warning to the game.

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