Days Gone team apologizes for ‘false hope’ in PS5 sequel after misleading headlines and comments


Community Manager at Sony Bend, Kevin McAllister, has issued an apology to the dedicated fanbase surrounding the beloved PS4 game Days Gone. In his opinion, the community received “false hope” due to misleading comments from former studio employees and a misleading headline of an article published on Twitter.

The fact that Sony chose not to continue working on Days Gone 2 was detailed in a 2021 Bloomberg report, opting instead to have the team work on something novel. This is common knowledge among die-hard Days Gone fans, so what John Garvin had to say wasn’t particularly surprising. “Maybe in a few years, when the IP is collecting dust and they are sure they are done with it, they will license it to other creators… But I repeat, I’m not holding my breath,” he hopes.

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But the problem is that — and ultimately why the current community manager felt the need to apologize — Game Bible headline, which included Garvin’s comments and simply read, “Days Gone trilogy plans confirmed by developer.” Suggesting that current Sony Bend employees have more Days Gone titles in the works, community manager Kevin McAllister believes it’s unfair to give fans “false hope.”

He wrote on Twitter: “I apologize to our Days Gone community for constantly being fed false hopes and poor information from people looking for likes. It’s unfair to all of you. We are currently working on a new IP address and when we have updates to share, it will come from our studio.” He then continues: “All these types of headlines come from previous creators, which puts us in a bad position. Like I said, people need likes. It’s time to move on.”

John Garvin and Jeff Ross have spoken publicly at surprising length about what a Days Gone sequel could look like, mentioning a more active open world, swimming, and better animals. However, following Garvin’s comments about how the game received a disappointing critical reception thanks to “woke reviewers,” the current Sony Bend team distanced itself from the former director.

As for what Sony Bend is actually working on, community manager Kevin McAllister called it “the best Bend game yet.” What are your thoughts on the matter? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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