Dalarnia has a Nexus test and competition starting Thursday


  • Dalarni Nexus Test: Taking place on June 20, 2024, this event offers a glimpse into the central hub of the Dalarnia Multiverse, where players can build and customize bases and choose an avatar.
  • Future features: Plans include avatar creation, social networking, NFT integration, item creation, and unlocking recent features through gameplay.
  • Competition: After the test, players can enter the “Coolest Base in Dalarnia” competition by sharing their base design on Twitter for a chance to win an exclusive NFT decoration.

The gaming world is teeming with life Dalarnia announces the start of a special test for its eagerly awaited game Dalarni’s Nexusscheduled to start on June 20, 2024. This prototype test offers players can look into the central hub that will connect all DAR games, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of the Dalarnia Multiverse.

What is Dalarnia Nexus?

Dalarnia Nexus is intended to be more than just a platform; is your home base in the extensive Dalarnia Multiverse. The upcoming playtest will allow players to:

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  • Build and customize your dream base: Players can express their creativity by designing a unique space that presents them style.
  • Choose your avatar: : For now, participants can choose one of three different avatars for the test. However, future versions promise a comprehensive avatar creation suite.

Future aspirations

Dalarnia has a Nexus test and competition starting Thursday

The creators of Dalarni do not rest on their laurels. They have substantial plans for Dalarni Nexus, including:

  • Creating an avatar: A feature that allows players to create their digital personalities.
  • Social connections: the ability to connect with friends, share achievements and draw inspiration from other people’s databases.
  • NFT integration: Personalize your base with NFTs from across the DAR multiverse.
  • Creating recent items: Use resources from the Dalarni Mine to create decorations and items.
  • Unlocking recent features: Earn points through gameplay to access energetic recent features in Dalarnia Nexus.

Prototype game test is Open for a circumscribed time on June 20, 2024, starting at 8:00 AM UTC and ending at 6:00 PM UTC.

Competition for the coolest base in Dalarnia

After the test, Dalarnia will organize a competition for the most creatively designed base. Participants can enter via:

  1. I’m taking a screenshot of the basic post-game test.
  2. Share this on Twitter with the tag @DAROpenNetwork.
  3. Contains a basic description and the utilize of the hashtags #DalarniaNexus and #DalarniaNexusPlaytest.

Multiple entries are allowed until June 21, 2024 at 14:00 UTC time.


The winner will work with developers to create a unique NFT decoration for their base, delivered with the official launch of Dalarni Nexus. As Dalarnia prepares for this exhilarating event, players from all over the world are invited to join, discover and contribute to shaping this digital frontier.

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