Custom Armor, Transmogrification, and Other Aspects of Gear in Dragon Age: Veilguard


Dragon Age offers a ton of different customization options. In the character creator alone, there are hundreds of customization options, such as hair, body type, Rook’s facial appearance for your playable character, and more. There are also tons of armor options.

During character creation, you can see aspirational armors right away, which won’t fit Rook’s class until “mid- to late-game,” according to game director Corinne Busche. You can also toggle between Rook’s starting loadout and casual attire in the creator, which will give you a pretty good idea of ​​how Rook will look in more casual cutscenes, in combat, and what he might look like later on in your Veilguard journey. Busche tells me that a lot of the gear in Veilguard is tailored to your Rook or his companions, meaning that some of the armor for a Warrior-class Rook likely won’t be in a chest for a Mage-class Rook. Likewise, armor designed for Bellary Lutary’s companion can’t be used on another companion, like Lace Harding.

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In the few hours I spent watching Busche play the game during my visit to BioWare’s Edmonton office where I currently work, Game guide cover story, I see a lot of armor to collect from things like chests scattered around Arlathan Forest, for example, and elsewhere. Some of it looks amazing, and some of it doesn’t quite suit my taste. That’s how it is in the RPG genre.

However, Busche tells me that there is a transmogrification in the game, or transmogrification for low, that he calls “solid.” This means that you can take the stats of an armor and apply them to another piece of armor. In other words, if you have a really chilly piece of armor that you like and you find a up-to-date piece with better stats but don’t want to sacrifice the look of your current armor, you don’t have to. Transmogrification allows you to take the stats of that up-to-date armor and apply them to your current armor, giving you all the benefits while still maintaining your preferred visual style.

Transmog isn’t just for Rook though; you can transmog armor and other stuff for your companions. I don’t see how Veilguard’s transmog system works in-game, but just knowing it exists lets me sleep simple knowing my Rook will look as fashionable as possible while saving Thedas.

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