Current Dawntrail Aether locations in FFXIV


WITH Ultimate Fantasy 14‘S Dawn Trail the expansion is bigger ether currents for players to find. These elusive collectibles are scattered across the map and you must find them all to unlock flying in their respective zones.

Considering there are 60 aether currents in total, finding them can seem like quite a challenge, but we’re here to assist.

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FFXIV Aether Currents Explained

As usual, to unlock flying in each up-to-date zone you will have to find and cooperate with 10 Aether Currents and complete five tasksThe four side quests required for Aether Currents are marked with a regular blue quest marker with a plus sign, while the fifth current quest is a reward for completing one of the main scenario quests in that area (usually at the end of your stay in an area).

You can usually employ your Aether Compass in your key items to find out how many yalms away the nearest current is. If you don’t want to bother with that, you can just employ our maps to find it quickly and easily. You can still find your Aether Compass in the “collections” menu, under the “duty” tab, if you want to find currents like Yoshi-P intended.

We are writing out Dawn Trail zones, in the order in which they can be encountered, although due to divergent paths, some of them, such as Kozama’uka and Urqopacha, can be used interchangeably.

Below are our ether currents in the order they appear in the ether current menu from left to rightthat way, if something is missing, you’ll know what you need without having to employ the Aether Compass. That said, we don’t recommend grabbing them in the order they’re numbered, but rather grabbing whatever’s closest to you as you adventure through these up-to-date maps.

Kozama’uka Aether Current Locations

Keep in mind that you’ll only be able to get half of these currents on your first visit to Kozama’uka. You’ll get the other five when you return here to the southern half of the map later.

Graphics: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image Source: Square Enix

  1. On the southern cliff, facing the water.
  2. On an island in the middle of the water. (You can sail to this island!)
  3. In the corner of the cave.
  4. On the grassy hill, near the purple flowers.
  5. At the end of the dock.
  6. Around the base of the tree supporting the House of High Winds.
  7. On a patch of flowery land behind a tree.
  8. On a rock in the water around the destroyed boats.
  9. In the caves below, on the cliff’s edge.
  10. North of Waters High House.

Urqopacha ether current locations

Like the Kozama’uka Currents, you’ll only find five of them on your first visit. The southern part of the map will unlock later, giving you the remaining five.

Urqopach Map in FFXIV Dawntrail

Graphics: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image Source: Square Enix

  1. On the highest edge of the cliff.
  2. On top of a cliff overlooking the northern half of Urqopacha, behind the ruins.
  3. On the lower cliffs above Lake Chirwagur.
  4. On the cliff northwest of Ciblu’s Coffee Grounds.
  5. On the cliff northeast of Agave Jaws.
  6. On the rocks surrounded by bears.
  7. On a rock above the water.
  8. On the cliff edge, opposite the northern half of the map, near the graves.
  9. On the top of a cliff overlooking Mate’s garden in Miplu.
  10. On the top of the rock near the Icuvlo inn.

Current Yak’tel Aether Locations

To get to the southern half of the map, you need to progress through a certain story stage.

Yak'tel Map in FFXIV Dawntrail

Graphics: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image Source: Square Enix

  1. On a ledge overlooking a shaded pond behind a huge tree.
  2. Under an arched root above the water.
  3. Under an arched root on a ledge above the water.
  4. On top of the cliff on the east side, not in the cave. To get it, you have to go around the cave entrance.
  5. On the northern ledge overlooking Yak Awak Tsoly.
  6. On a ledge on the path leading down to Xmun Hojaw.
  7. On the cliff, next to the huge tree, east of Moxutural Zooj.
  8. At the bottom of this tree platform, simply follow the roots down.
  9. On a cliff facing the northern waters.
  10. In the forest near a diminutive pier.

Current Shaloani Aether Locations

Shalloani Map in FFXIV: Dawntrail

Graphics: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image Source: Square Enix

  1. In a diminutive corner surrounded by cliffs.
  2. On top of a diminutive, flat, rocky platform.
  3. On a diminutive pier facing the water.
  4. At the end of the winding canyon.
  5. About halfway up the diminutive mountain, on its southern slope.
  6. On top of a diminutive shelf.
  7. On a rock formation resembling stairs leading towards the water.
  8. On the top of the rock in the southern part of the railway station.
  9. On top of a huge boulder.
  10. On the balcony of the building, up the stairs.

Legacy Current Aether Locations Found

Legacy Map Found in FFXIV: Dawntrail

Graphics: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image Source: Square Enix

  1. On the strip dividing two trees.
  2. On the edge of another miniature cliff.
  3. Behind the rocks, near the cliff edge.
  4. On the edge of a shallow cliff.
  5. On the cliff north of the end of the railway tracks.
  6. On the cliff ledge. To get here you have to come from the north or south.
  7. On a diminutive bridge in an abandoned town.
  8. On the edge of the cliff, overlooking the north side.
  9. On a rock inside the cave.
  10. On the edge of the cliff west of Aeterite.

Large spoiler alert image for FFXIV: Dawntrail using key art of Meteor, Erenville, Urianger, Krile, Wuk Lamat, and other characters.

Graphics: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image Source: Square Enix

Current locations of the Living Memory ether

Living Memory Map in FFXIV Dawntrail

Graphics: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image Source: Square Enix

  1. Next to a huge structure in the shape of a tree-pole.
  2. By the lava, on the west side of the arena.
  3. At the very edge of the cliff, overlooking the lava.
  4. Between two Ferris wheels.
  5. Under the open part of the tower-like structure.
  6. Near the fences, right next to the water.
  7. In the north-east corner of the museum.
  8. On the side of the path, along the railing.
  9. On the eastern side of the castle entrance.
  10. In the center, inside the rotunda.

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