Crypto Hunter World Gaming System – Cryptid PART 1


CryptoHunter World is the world’s first service that combines GPS-based Play to Earn (P2E) and Move to Earn (M2E) mechanisms. CryptoHunter World is a blockchain-based Move to Play collectible RPG service that allows users to start adventures with various cryptids and earn rewards through interaction and combat.

Today we would like to introduce Cryptid, which is the most crucial for P2E systems.

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Cryptids are special creatures that only exist in Crypto Hunter World. They are divided into rarities depending on their likelihood of appearing, and their abilities may vary depending on their rarity. However, higher rarity does not always mean stronger.

A Cryptid’s strength can vary depending on various options such as Cryptid type compatibility, skills, and combat strategies.

Cryptid appears naturally in users’ daily lives and can be more easily encountered through external activities. Hunters who start a modern adventure receive Cryptids by default and can augment their Cryptid count through adventures. During battles with wild Cryptids, users can apply Cryptoballs to capture them or activate Cryptid Cubes to obtain modern Cryptids.

Crypto Hunter World cryptids have unique abilities depending on their species. These abilities are largely divided into HP (health points), DEF (defense) and ATT (attack power)and are called basic statistics. There is also a hidden ability value called PV (potential value) or individual value.

Basic statistics

  • HP (health points): Represents the Cryptid’s lifespan and determines its durability during battle.
  • DEF (defense power): The ability to reduce damage taken by the Cryptid.
  • ATT (attack power): Determines the damage the Cryptid deals to its opponent.

If they are of the same cryptid species, their racial values ​​are the same. For example, all “A” cryptids have the same HP, DEF, and ATT values ​​as “B” cryptids.

Individual value (PV)

  • PV (potential value): Hidden individual value for each HP, DEF and ATT skill score. The higher the PV value, the more the corresponding statistic improves.
  • Actual abilities: Even within the same species, actual abilities may vary depending on PV. In other words, even with A Cryptids at the same level, the one with the higher PV will have stronger actual abilities.

This system increases Cryptid’s variety and strategy and provides players with fun combinations and training.

Each of the Crypto Hunter World cryptids has a unique type depending on their origin. This type of system plays an crucial role in combat and skill acquisition. There are a total of 18 types in the game, and each type determines the Cryptid’s abilities and the skills it can learn.


Depending on the type, the skills a cryptid can learn and the skills it acquires naturally vary. For example, a “FLAME”-type cryptid can learn powerful fire-related attack skills, and a “WATER”-type cryptid can learn water-related skills.

Today we explained the Cryptid system! I hope this was helpful. See you later in PART 2!

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