Crazy Defense Heroes Unlocks 5x Reward Multipliers for Upcoming Play-and-Earn Events


  • Crazy Defense Heroes Players can earn up to 5x more $TOWER tokens in July by following the TOWER ecosystem Twitter account and helping it reach 100,000 followers.
  • There are two “Play and Earn” events: Daily Star Chest and XP Gain. Open chests daily and check in to the site to receive $TOWER bonus.
  • Holding the TOWER Battle Card With NFTs you can further enhance your rewards (up to 10x in the case of the Daily Star Chest).

TOWER The ecosystem is digging after an exhilarating summer campaign, and defenders are in for a treat! Throughout July 2024, players can earn up to 5x $TOWER Tokens from Crazy Defense Heroes’ Play-and-Earn events. The catch? Help the TOWER ecosystem reach 100,000 followers on account X until July 31, 2024, UTC 23:59.

How to participate

The development of the TOWER ecosystem relies on community support. To unlock the x5 Token reward multiplier for Daily Star Chests and XP Gaining Events, simply invite your friends and family to follow the TOWER Ecosystem Twitter account. Spread the word and support this exhilarating initiative.

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Rewards to unlock

Rewards for gaining XP

Join Gaining XP for the CDH Avatar “Play and Earn” Event the first regular event organized by TOWER Ecosystem. Immerse yourself in Crazy Defense Heroes on your phone, earn Avatar XP, and aid enhance the monthly prize pool. Now let’s analyze the potential token rewards from the May 2024 XP Event and reaching 100k followers.

  • Level 1: 558 TOWER.
  • Level 2: $970 TOWER.
  • Level 3: $1,213 TOWER.

Crazy Defense Heroes Unlocks 5x Reward Multipliers for Upcoming Play-and-Earn Events

Daily Event “Star Box”

In the Daily Star Chest event, players can enhance their TOWER Token earnings by opening a Star Chest in the game every day. The total amount of TOWER Tokens depends on two factors:

  1. Holes in the star box:The more days you open the Star Chest in Crazy Defense Heroes, the greater the rewards you will receive.
  2. Registration on the website:Report in on the Crazy Defense Heroes website during the Daily Star Chest event in July 2024.

If @towertoken reaches 100,000X Followers, players who check in for 14 days or more will receive a 5x enhance in $TOWER Tokens. Here’s a look at the potential rewards:

  • 13 days: $63 TOWER
  • 14 days: 77 x 5 = $385 TOWER
  • 28 days: 406 x 5 = 2030 $TOWER

TOWER Boost Battle Card Holders

Own at least 5 TOWER Battle Card NFTs (any rarity) and you’ll enjoy increased token rewards in XP Gain and Daily Star Chest events. Once @towertoken reaches 100k followers, the following Battle Card buffs will take effect:

  • Daily Event “Star Box”:A player holding 40 TOWER Battle Card NFT Tokens can earn 10x rewards (multipliers x 5 x Battle Card Holding boosts).
  • XP Gain Event:Expect 8x rewards (4x multipliers upon reaching level 3 x 2x Battle Card holding boosts).

Get ready for an action-packed July with Crazy Defense Heroes and TOWER Ecosystem. Follow @towertoken, spread the word, and multiply your rewards.

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