Cooler Master includes a free 27-inch 240Hz gaming monitor with an 850W fanless power supply – X Silent Edge Platinum 850 available for pre-order for $399


Cooler Master finally replaced their first one completely Power supply without fan for sale, with a very tempting offer for first users. For a constrained time, buyers can get a $399 power supply and a free 27-inch curved gaming monitor.

The X Silent Edge Platinum 850 is a completely fanless power supply and is currently the most powerful fanless ATX power supply on the market. The power supply offers all standard power cables for an 850 W computer, including a 12 V graphics card cable. The set also includes USB and PMBus connectors for connecting the power supply to monitoring software, and an additional fan connector. The power supply, as the name suggests, has an efficiency of 80 Plus Platinum and is covered by a 15-year Cooler Master warranty.

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The X Silent Edge Platinum 850 will first ship in behind schedule June, but for buyers who order soon, a constrained run will be priced at $399 rather than the MSRP of $549. These units will also come bundled with the Cooler Master GM27-CFX 27-inch curved gaming monitor, a 1080p (1920 x 1080), 240Hz panel with DisplayHDR400 support; it’s not true HDR, but radiant enough to provide a slight improvement over many other panels The Early Bird kit also includes a 24-pin ATX 90-degree adapter and an M.2 SSD thermal pad.

The Cooler Master X Silent series of power supplies has been talked about since Cooler Master started building buzz around the line in the run-up to CES 2024. The X Silent Edge Platinum 850 is the only model currently available for sale, and it has the smallest power supply in the stable. The X Silent Edge Platinum 1100W, X Silent Max Platinum 1300W and the rest of the time.

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The X Silent Edge Platinum 850 and 1100 models feature a fanless design thanks to a solid metal cooling block with threaded copper heat pipes on the bottom. The stout block adds a lot of weight to the power supplies considering the time we spent at Cooler Master HQ in December. Cooler Master says it opted for a fanless solution both for the convenience of the user chasing a peaceful PC and for the long-term life of the power supply, as dust entering through the fan can cause the power supply to fail prematurely.

Those who want a completely quiet PC with higher power consumption can look no further than the X Silent Edge Platinum 850; no other passive power supplies are yet available on the market with this power or higher. It’s the closest Seasonic Prime fanless TX-700, which costs around $250, which is significantly cheaper than even X Silent Edge’s $399 Early Bird price, but not enough for more power-hungry systems. We’re excited to get our hands on the X Silent Edge and see if it ranks among our top power supplies.

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