Cool, in the novel Hitman DLC you can kill Conor McGregor


The next target of Agent 47’s attack will be Conor McGregor, an MMA fighter and the star of this year’s edition House by the road remake, developer IO Interactive announced on Thursday. McGregor will be the next elusive target in Hitman Assassination World, and will be available in all versions of the game from June 27 to July 29.

McGregor’s Hitman The character is known as The Disruptor and will be portrayed in the game as — what else? — an MMA fighter. The Disruptor is set to compete against Tim Quinn, CEO of Quantum Leap, who previously appeared in Hitman 3 mission “The Farewell.” According to IO Interactive, Quantum Leap stakeholders fear that Quinn will be humiliated by Disruptor and tasked Agent 47 with defeating McGregor’s character before the match could take place.

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The Disruptor mission sends players to the Isle of Sgàil “during a conclave of the secret society of the Ark Society, an organization comprised of the wealthiest and most influential people in the world,” IO Interactive said in a press release. The mission will be available to play for free Hitman newcomers as part of a free starter package.

A place where you can kill Conor McGregor
Photo: Interactive IO

Hitman Assassination World players can also access the missions for free and purchase the Disruptor DLC pack for $4.99, which offers a novel fur cosmetic, as well as a kettlebell, a resistance band, and a walking stick that can presumably be used to kill Conor McGregor. This DLC pack also offers enduring access to The Ostentatious, a two-tier Arcade contract with the elusive Disruptor target.

The possibility of McGregor’s virtual elimination should have a cathartic effect on the UFC fighter’s critics, whether or not they are annoyed by his general attitude and buffoonish performances in unnecessary situations. House by the road redo, sexual assault charges brought against himor his a history of violence outside the ring.

If killing Conor McGregor sounds like something for you, the Disruptor elusive target mission will be available starting Thursday on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Hitman Assassination World.

The Hitman series has featured celebrities as hard-to-catch targets before, with notably actors Gary Busey and Sean Bean playing the victims of assassinations for brief periods of time. Hitman AND Hitman 2appropriately.

Agent 47 from Hitman World of Assassination wearing The Disruptor fur coat

Agent 47 dressed in his victim’s clothes
Photo: Interactive IO

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